How to find the best ore images for the wikia

Step 1: Head to Google Images
Step 2: Search for a real life ore/gem (example: sapphire) If you're finding random results make sure you specify in the search that you want the sapphire ore. even if you're getting the correct results you can add the 'ore' or 'real life' part to get more images of the thing you want
Step 3: Click 'Tools' which is right under the search bar on the right side
Step 4: Click 'Size', then either use 'Icon' or 'Exactly...' to find square images that have equal width and height. Note that 'icon' can only go up to 256x256. For 'Exactly...', try entering 500x500.
Step 5: Click 'Color', choose Transparent. Most images should be transparent but some of them have white backgrounds.