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OMG18000 Gas
• 8/12/2018

Wheres the best place to find rubies

idk im trying to get 10k for a crown but im struggling
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OMG18000 Gas
• 8/13/2018
I am not a ruby farmer but I'll go ahead and test it soon, test results come back in a few hours.
• 8/13/2018
hello, you where looking for at what depth ruby spawns most often, well I tested it and here are the results:
Depth: Ruby/1K Blocks:
65m 32 Ruby
112m 28 Ruby
159m 29 Ruby
206m 13 Ruby
253m 17 Ruby
300m 14 Ruby
don't ask about the depths, and yes this is tested so I reccommend sticking around 65-182m for the most amount of ruby :smiley:
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