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Ambrosia is the rarest ore in the game. The spawn rate was confirmed by Berezaa as 1/1,000,000 equivalent to 0.0001%. The mine is estimated to be around 100 thousand total blocks, thus averaging 1 Ambrosia every 10 mines.

That being said, it is still possible to have a server spawn more than one ambrosia every mine reset.

The definition of Ambrosia

  • Ambrosia (Greek: αμβροσία), meaning Immortality, is a food (or drink) that can only be consumed by the Greek Gods.
  • Ambrosia fruit salad is believed to originate from the US.


  • Mine at a depth of 3m. The higher you are, the easier it is to mine stone, and very few other ores spawn at this layer. This is the highest you can go while still being able to mine the ores above you.
  • Mining at a depth of 3m also allows you to see Ambrosia more clearly than that of a dark area, due to the decrease in Ambrosia's light.
  • Always mine in straight lines. This way, each block mined creates 8 more blocks, which takes the odds down to 1 in 125,000.
  • Caves are also helpful. Each cave may generate between around 200 and over 2,000 blocks, which is great for improving your chances. Caves have an approximately 1/4,000 chance to spawn when moving in a line, but appear more commonly at lower depths. However, the trade-off in speed with decreasing depth means that layer 3 is most efficient. Since 8 blocks are generated for each block mined, a cave will spawn approximately every 500 blocks, and caves are usually at or over these 500 blocks. The scarcity is lowered to 1/111,111.
  • It's best to use a Moonstone pickaxe since it has the lowest delaytime of 0.07 seconds. To obtain Ambrosia, 9,999 seconds (2h 46.65m) of mining through stone in ideal conditions will most likely find Ambrosia at some time.
  • It is also recommended to get a VIP server to mine Ambrosia so only you can find it.
  • Although some players trade it for giant amounts of extremely valuable ores, it's almost impossible to find someone that can afford it or wants to buy it.
  • Berezaa may have said that Ambrosia has a one in a million chance of spawning along with emphasizing its rarity was meant to overwhelm and discourage players. Remember that you have a good chance of finding it if you play Azure Mines for 1-2 hours a day because within that time you can mine a lot of blocks and if you mine that many blocks each day, you can find Ambrosia before you know it.
  • If you just want the XP from Ambrosia, there is a similar way to do this. Note that 25 Painite/5 Newtonium is equivalent to 1 Ambrosia in terms of XP, making it a much easier way to gain 1M EXP without finding ambrosia.

Ambrosia Trades

If you witness any successful Ambrosia trades, feel free to post them here.

(Please note that these are only trades people have done, they are not nescesarily accurate values.)


  • Ambrosia is featured in Miner's Haven.
  • Ambrosia surprisingly doesn't take that long to mine at all, only around 5 seconds or less, regardless of your depth and pickaxe.
  • One single Ambrosia is enough to level up from Newbie to Master, which is the average rank.
  • The emblem is considerably the hardest achievement in the game.
  • Many people trade Ambrosia for Garnet as it's technically slightly harder to obtain.
  • On 1/24/2017, several players (including Lazer1785) were suspected of duping Ambrosia and other ores. The suspected players were then moved to a secret database where all their duped ore was withdrawn from their inventory.
  • Ambrosia is said to be a food eaten by Greek Gods. Its also know to be a fruit salad. The color pallet of Ambrosia seems to be similar to that of the salad.
  • Berezaa has hinted the addition of an Ambrosia Pickaxe for 1 Ambrosia.
  • Before the Duplication Penalty was removed, if you had over 50 ambrosia in your inventory or in your storage, you would lose all the ambrosia you had in the place you had over 50 ambrosia.