Overview Edit

Amethyst is an ore that was added in the Indigo Update. Amethyst can be found 1m - 1000m, and takes a moderate amount of time to mine. It has an uncommon spawn rate. It can sometimes spawn on the surface.

Amethyst Pickaxe Edit

  • Power: 6 @ 2nd. Greater than Garnet, less than Mithril.
  • Range: 3 @ 15th. Worst range in the entire game, proceeded by Uranium.
  • Delay: 0.29 @ 10th. Greater than Mithril, less than Iron.

Trivia Edit

  • The pickaxe should mostly be used at Wizard Level to mine Mithril as it has a very high power, making it a good pickaxe to strip farm in the 1000 - 2000m area.