Azure is a blue variant to describe the clear sky. Although featured in the title of the game, Azure is not even close to being the rarest ore, merely semi-rare. It is found between the depths of 1400m - 2000m, most commonly around 1600m. Azure is used in making the Azure Pickaxe, and upgrade base stations (236 in total is needed).

Azure Pickaxe

This Pickaxe is extremely expensive to make as it requires 30 Azure, 90 Coal, and 5 Opal. Level 12 Mining Operations is required to craft this pickaxe. It has a range of 7 (good), a power of 4 (mediocre) and a delay of 0.13 (very good). It also emits a pinkish light. It can be useful for strip-mining as you do not have to pull out a lantern every few seconds.


  • After Azure Mines was created, Berezaa added the Azure Refiner upgrader to one of his other games, Miner's Haven.
  • The first time you mine Azure ore, you will receive the "Treasure Hunter" badge.
  • Azure may have been the first ore imagined for the game, as it's called Azure Mines.
  • Azure may be based off of the mineral Azurite.