This article contains something that is no longer available.

The $wag Shop's exterior.

Overview Edit

Billy's $wag Shop (or Swag Shop) was a shop where players can buy consumable items with uC. These items were non-permanent, meaning you would lose them if you leave or die.

Billy appears as an old man who resembles a wizard.

At an unknown time all of the $wag Shop's items disappeared.

Items for Sale Edit


Items for sale.


More items for sale.

There were 5 items available in the $wag shop. All of them won't disappear after using them, however, they will be lost if the player dies or leaves the game.
Item Cost (uC) Use
Invisibility Cloak 25 A cloak that makes the player invisible for 5 seconds.
Grapple Hook 40 A hook that will grapple a player to whatever it is shot at.
Attack Doge 75 A dog based on the internet meme "doge". It follows where the player clicks, and has differently colored phrases around its head.
Roblox Water Polo Ball 25 A ball that can be dropped and kicked around. It makes different noises depending on if it's actually in the water or not.
Moonwalk Potion 10 Makes the player "moonwalk" about 4 blocks backwards. The player floats while moonwalking.

Dr. Berezaa Edit


Dr. Berza in the Illuminati Temple.

Dr. Berezaa is an item that can be bought with Unobtainum that does not appear in the $wag Shop (and is the only item to do so), but appears in the Illuminati Temple. It can be bought for 30 Unobtainium. It is also the only item that disappears after being used, and the only that can cause harm to a player. Using it results in a lot of effects occurring on the player's screen, while a song is played. After long enough, the player will be killed.

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