• PamOfDoom

    so yeah i want to make one, its for ambrosia trading or just in general azure mines stuff. we can talk about destroying massive mines too and exploding some bomite

    but its also for casual talk, its almost a roblox server but not really as theres memes and stuff there, if the wikimachine deletes this then cool, but its just a way to bond more azure mines players together.

    ps enoop is the best ;)

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  • Marsium

    It was fun while it lasted

    October 2, 2018 by Marsium

    Hey. Due to brezza extremely rarely update Azure Mines, I have no fun editing this wiki. I rarely play Azure Mines, so that is why I am going to rarely edit Azure Mines Wiki. Weekly Blogs are not being posted here, and I needed to focus on others. Thank you Azure Mines Wiki for the information I need.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 4: Here it is

    September 29, 2018 by Marsium

    Heyllo! How is  going? Fine? Good!

    This is blog four. I do not much to tell you. Comment something random ok?

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  • Marsium


    You know that I may be not active much during weekdays. The obvious answer is school. I will be only active on morning and night (on my time zone). Between there are school and study. Anyway, it is weekend and I will be active all-day. Yay! I am still creating cool gif. (That what I wanted to called them.)

    I created my own Discord server called Free Islands. You can just do anything you want! I may be there! Join with this link:

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  • Marsium

    Blog 2: Not enough time today

    September 20, 2018 by Marsium

    Welcome back! Did you have a good day? (If you in the area under the hurricane storm, I hope you are safe.)

    I do not have much time on Wednesday and I am making this short and quickly. I will be posting weekly blog on Saturday instead on Wednesday. I currently making a small and short animation. Not something to be proud of, but yeah. That is it for now. See ya!

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  • Marsium

    There is not much going around on . So I am going to start a weekly blog post every Wednesday.

    What do I post? Well I am going to post random and relatable stuff I do.

    I think this is the good time to reintroduce myself.

    This is Marsium. I'm a gamer. I always love playing video games everyday. I like listening to music, and creating images. Yeah, I photograph, illustrate, and photoshop. I also know HTML and CSS. I read a lot of wikis way before I created my account. I read them for gamimg purposes. Most of my time, I read every page on the wiki. I created my FANDOM account months ago. I created it so I can help them with anything. Update the outdated, revert vandalism, and help other users.

    It is not much a good start, but I will do fun thing …

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  • OMG18000 Gas
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  • Helo101

    New update

    June 25, 2018 by Helo101

    what do you think about the newest update?

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  • PamOfDoom

    Tips for Deity

    January 27, 2018 by PamOfDoom


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  • DuckyYT

    New Wiki Page!

    January 23, 2018 by DuckyYT

    I just created a new wiki page called "Achievements"! Make sure to check it out!

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  • MaxDragonSoul

    I had 79 Garnet ready to do a trade, and guess what? The game removes it ALL. I demand immediate compensation for this flaw as this was the main structuring to an Ambrosia deal. I am NOT JOKING AROUND.

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  • MaxDragonSoul

    Ore Designs

    November 15, 2017 by MaxDragonSoul

    Hey AM Wikia users! Today I'm announcing that I'll be uploading an ore design once a week, every Sunday. Please comment your suggestions below!

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  • MaxDragonSoul


    November 2, 2017 by MaxDragonSoul

    I'm going to attempt to beat TheWikiaEditMachine's 970 points and become the first user to 1000. What's your opinion?

    Wish me luck!

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  • MaxDragonSoul

    I've had an account for a day now, although I've been editing some pages as a fandom user for a week. I'm keen to help out on Azure Mines, though my rank may be Master, I believe I possess good knowledge of the game and its components. My edits include information such as the depths, crafting requirements, etc. If you want me to add to a page, I'll happily do that for you. My Roblox name is CountMax12. I have a private server that you can use if you want to farm any materials like Opal and Moonstone, or just want to dig in peace. My YouTube is MaxDragonSoul, if you're interested I will soon be creating guildes for AM. Reply with any questions or suggestions!

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  • JonGamer01

    I'm seeing a rise of a multitude of new pages that currently do not fit into any of the currently existing categories, such as trade posts, activity posts, and so on. There is also an increasing need for pages to be added to existing categories, as there are also many pages that can be linked to a category or even merged with a page in a existing category. What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Skitty1090

    CAN U TRD???

    September 21, 2017 by Skitty1090

    i recently need some iron silver opal rare ores that i do not have and gold ore(not yer gold money) so maybe u can trd?????

    Tell me yer IGN and what u trading and i will message u in yer message wall to arrange



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  • Skitty1090


    September 21, 2017 by Skitty1090

    EMMM, hi people! This is my first blog ever thoughhhh

    so i have nothing to say except that do u guys play pokemon brick bronze??

    OF COURSE!!! Its like the best game right???

    IKR! For this blogs,i want to say that pokemon brick bronze wiki is so much better than this wiki


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  • Cadentopia

    Is it easier in




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  • Waldi2011


    May 4, 2017 by Waldi2011

    Hello there! In this page, you can post cool (or random) Azure Mines pictures!

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  • Waldi2011

    Lucky momments

    May 4, 2017 by Waldi2011
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  • Waldi2011
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  • SBeastbum Memerockalogist Lover

    Ok and right now I'm playing Azure Mines. I ALMOST have the Dragonglass Pickaxe. I just need 9 more Dragonglass..... -_-

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  • Waldi2011

    Cool stuff

    April 24, 2017 by Waldi2011

    Weee i got a badge

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  • Kitrank Vopafal

    Rarest Ores

    March 10, 2017 by Kitrank Vopafal
    1. Ambrosia
    2. Moonstone
    3. Opal
    4. Illuminunium
    5. Mithril
    6. Unobtainium
    7. Azure
    8. Rainbonite
    9. Amethyst
    10. Topaz
    11. Painite
    12. Baryte
    13. Uranium
    14. Platinum
    15. Plutonium
    16. Diamond
    17. Gold
    18. Emerald
    19. Dragonglass
    20. Boomite
    21. Copper
    22. Silver
    23. Sapphire
    24. Ruby
    25. Iron
    26. Coal

    Name Spawn Rate Rarity Location Caves Only


    4. Rare 1m - 5m 0


    6. Rarest Anywhere 0


    5. Very Rare 1m 0


    N/A Staff Room 0
    2. Uncommon 1m - 1,000m 0
    1. Common Everywhere 0
    1. Common 66m - 300m 0
    1. Common 80m - 400m 0
    2. Uncommon 300m - 600m 0
    2. Uncommon 400m - 1,200m 0
    2. Uncommon 15m - 1,000m 0
    4. Rare 50m+ 0
    1. Common 1,999m+ 0
    1. Common 600m - 1,000m 0
    2. Uncommon 1,999m+ 0
    4. Rare 1,700m - 1,999m 0
    1. Comm…

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  • SnapCrackleJeff

    First of all, You gotta join my vip server commennt asking with your ign (Username).

    Second of all make sure you come on vip server 4:00 to 5:00/6:00 In Chicago time and MAKE SURE TO TELL ME!

    Third Do not ask for things like ambrosia i dont have any mybe garnet i will give for possibly i can give for free or for rainbownite depending on how much i have...

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  • SnapCrackleJeff

    Base Stations Overlord Upgradable buildings around your base you can interact with Total Upgrade Cost: 1,792,345 Coin 42 Itemtopaz 5,328 Silver-0 563 Itemuo 25 Itemdragon 136 Itemdiamond 16 Itememerald 18 SapphireIcon 11 Itemopal 29 Itemur 13 Itempluto 10 Itemmoon 100,000 Stone Icon 3,728 Itemiron 3,470 Itemcopper 188 Itembar 106 AzureOreIcon 50 Coalicon 37 Itemserend 9 Itemruby 80 Itemgold 6 Item3 12 Itemrain 1 Itemamy Itemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyItemrain 1 ItemamyIt…

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  • Denislegend

    i want play on VIP Server so invte me IGN: Guset_555

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  • 23SRLITheGamer

    If there is any1 that would read this, If you have a VIP/Private server can you add me as a friend after posting a reply below. MY IGN:23SRLITheGamer

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  • Stret1311

    You are just wasting your time. You are just making something wrong that me and other people can just revert in 3 clicks. Dont even mind wasting your time. Why dont you do something useful instead?

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  • BowRipper95

    Mining Time Rarity XP Given Deepth Trivia
    5.9 (3.7 With Good Pick) Rare 4500 At 500m to 2000m Deep Just Fossil Ore.
    15.5 (13.1 with good pick) Really Rare 50000 At 9000m to 10000m Deep The Plasma in Ore Form.
    4.7 (2.6 with good pick) Rare 17500 At 3500m to 5000m Deep Reference to Miner's Heaven Frostarium.
    5.0 (3.5 with good pick) Rare 75 Found at 50m to 10000m Deep Real Ore.
    8.2 (6.7 with good pick) Really Rare 2500 Found at 5m to 300m Deep Reference to Miner's Heaven Berezite.
    10.4 (7.9 with good pick) Super Rare 18000 Found at 1000m to 7000m Deep Another Real Ore.
    15.7 (13.1 with good pick) Ultra Rare 60000 Found at 5000m to 10000m Deep Miner's Heaven Bismuth Ref…

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  • BowRipper95
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  • BrettThopmson

    In the pages, theres lots of uncatorigerezed pages (and the pages that is catogerized wrong etc.) so i think we needed do something about that.

    Tell your ideas on comments!

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  • Maplejava

    With some effort, i managed to recreate a new logo for this wiki, as well as one just for april fools

    Change the logos for the wiki?

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  • Solarflarecon

    Although Ambrosia is common since 2h 46m is required to find this ore, people call me an inventory hacker. Why is that?

    • 1. People may think I got it from trading, however that is false.
    • 2. People think that I gone inv hacking, however special thanks to Chapsteck4yurlipis for proving inventory hacking is patched.
    • 3. People think I had a different ore in my inventory then edited it, however I have downloaded NO image editing software.

    • 1. Many think Ambrosia is STILL broken which is good so people think "WHOA!!! HE FOUND AMBROSIA WHILE IT'S BROKEN! I BETTER GO TRY FIND SOME!!!"
    • 2. People may be currently finding Ambrosia as a distraction.
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  • Mike18925

    I need it, it's too rare... 

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  • Valklyer


    October 28, 2016 by Valklyer

    jeez can someone trade me ambrosia im Akmal_Indo

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  • Kattryx


    October 27, 2016 by Kattryx

    Who created this wiki? :/

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  • Ironic Yolo

    Hi solar

    October 27, 2016 by Ironic Yolo
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  • UnikarnzMagik

    Hello. I have recently been having problems upgrading past the Emerald Pickaxe tier. It says I need to upgrade my mining op, but the required mining op is 3 for the next pickaxe, and I cannot even view the next pickaxe to see what materials I need to craft it, and my mining op is 4 (spent time upgrading that specifically for the pickaxe), and I still cannot unlock the pickaxe I was supposed to unlock on my last mining op.

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  • The Lumber Pro

    I was looking around for a good azure mines showcase with all the ores but i couldn't find any so i'm starting to make my own any tips or ideas? I'm thinking about adding pickaxe stats and all in it too but i'm not sure yet this wiki is really helpful for making it tho.

    Link if you wanna check it out [Mines Showcase Link]

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  • Stret1311

    I was mining at 248m down as my friend told me i could get a lot of silver in there, Then, after mining a bit,  i saw a lot of blue sparkles coming from 1 place, i mined around a lot around it to see if there was an in there but the sparkles was only coming from 1 point, it was am block i already mined but when i put mouse over it , it said that ore ( that actually did not exist, that was a empty place )  was a stone but it was on a kind of pink color that the word stone was writen, and soonly after it disappeared and it started counting again as a empty space ( like in 6 or 10 secs, not fast enough to screenshot ) 

    Was it a glitch or something ? or just its an glitched ambrosia or such and thats why nobody found it : it happened something …

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  • Stret1311

    WIKI servers

    September 19, 2016 by Stret1311

    Similar to other wikis, would be nice if whe had wiki VIP servers for trusted people here on wiki. I Have one, After would be great to have 2 or 3 but for now its great, who agrees with me ?

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  • TrickShaw


    September 13, 2016 by TrickShaw

      why are you here

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  • TrickShaw


    September 13, 2016 by TrickShaw

    i got da illuminium ore

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  • Haveorc

    So, what do you think about the new map in Azure Mines? Is it good?

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  • FaZe Amaze


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  • Heisergroup

    I don't think there are many good ideas on the ideas and suggestions page.  So, when I say their are not many good ideas, what do I mean by that, and how can we make more good ideas?  Well I come from a wiki nativly that focuses on making ideas for a game, Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki to be specific.  Well on that wiki I have developed a very clear standard of what a good idea and a bad idea is.  Here are three steps to making a good idea.

    Firstly, it need to be, well, a good idea.  The idea needs a good premace.  It needs to have both a strong name and a strong concept backing it.  Now how do we make a good name?  Well a good name needs to flow and make sense, it needs to be something that feels real, like you may encounter this in the real wor…

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  • Maplejava

    Currently there are 3 blog posts (during 7/20). However they consist of items that don't need to be noted

    Please Do not post this stuff on the blog posts:

    • Help with mining (Just go to the specific ore and make a comment instead)
    • Suggestions (Those go in the  Ideas and Suggestions page)
    • Bug Reports (Simply put those in the Bugs and Glitches page)
    • Help with other stuff on the wiki (Go to the forums to do that)
    • Random Stuff, (Just no.)

    These types of stuff are suggested and should be posted on the blog posts:

    • New Updates
    • Announcements
    • Guides
    • Etc.
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  • Myaltaccountsthis

    There is this poodlecorp person that keeps hacking servers and it makes you explode. Then on your screen you see 6 lines in different color that says HACKED BY POODLECORP!

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  • VIPTheBlazeX

    Hey guys. I am VIPTheBlazeX and I have been playing Azure Mines for 1 week now. Right now, I have a Gold Pickaxe and I have trouble locating Emerald Ore to create the Emerald Pickaxe. In the comments below, please tell me anyways of obtaining Emerald Ore. (The ores category does not have much.)

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