Boomite is an ore added in the Explosive Update. It is a common ore on the depths of 600m-999m that when mined, explodes and destroys all adjacent blocks, damaging you about a quarter to a fifth of your health if you're right next to it. It's unobtainable unless using the Dragonglass Pickaxe. This is the only ore in the game to not award experience points upon mining, Garnet not counting as it's found in the staff room. Crafted items that are mine-protected can not be destroyed by the explosion.

Boomite Pickaxe

The Boomite Pickaxe has a power of 5, a range of 4, and a delay of 0.35. Although it has a long delay, it has a lot of power and a chance of producing a small explosion. Also has a rare chance of producing a huge explosion, however you don't obtain any ores when any explosion occurs. To craft the Boomite Pickaxe, you need 30 Boomite and 10 Serendibite (You need a Dragonglass Pickaxe to get a Boomite Pickaxe without receiving the boomite you need through a trade).


  •  Boomite is the only ore in the game that can kill you.
  •  Boomite was the theme of the game's Explosive Update.
  •  Boomite Pickaxe and Serendibite Pickaxe are the only known ways of destroying protected stone via its explosions or deleting blocks.
  • Boomite is an explosive ore that can also be found in Miner's Haven as a mine.
  • In the pickaxe crafting menu, switching from the Boomite Pickaxe makes the explosion sound that you would hear from mining it.