Current bugs

Minor bugs

  • The block feature doesn't work probably because the game uses a different type of chat.
  • Sometimes when the game starts, assets won't load properly in the loading screen. Most commonly, it causes you to be naked in the loading screen.
  • If you reset while in a animation that changes colors, the colors will still be there when you respawn. This can be fixed by resetting or start a color-changing animation.
  • If you play Azure Mines on a phone, chances are the Azure Mines logo at the loading screen would be oversized to the point where your display is too small to render the entire logo. The estimated reason why this happens, and why it only happens on phones, is because Roblox only supports low resolutions (typically around 360p) for phones and Berezaa didn't scaled the logo relative to the screen resolution, but rather used absolute resolution.
  • Leaving the game while mining an ore will render the ore unminable. The only way to get it automatically fixed is waiting for the mine to reset.
  • Sometimes when joining a brand new server you will see "Risky" appear in green for a split second. This also happens with the Risk Analysis kit.

Limited depth

The previous top depth you can go is 2166.8934m below surface, but on May 5, 2018, it was extended to around 5844m. If you exceed this depth, you'll die. But you can still increase your optimal depth to more than 2200m by upgrading your Data & Analysis. Berezaa possibly wasn't expecting anyone to go past 2100 and kept the void at such a low level.

Lingering Drunkness

In the new update, Dr. Berza was added. You die after drinking it. But the camera effects may still linger on. Check F9 to see you have been spammed with relative camera angles acting. You can always reset to fix this, but its still pretty annoying.

Moonstone Pickaxe XP

Whenever you use the Moonstone Pickaxe to mine, you are supposed to get +30% xp. But, with this bug cave ores, surface ores, possibly base and mountain ores don't work with this effect.

Lighting glitch


When teleporting up or down to the surface at Azure level your lighting will glitch and make everything look a lot lighter. You can use this to your advantage by placing down a teleport pad in a cave then teleporting up then down quickly to allow yourself to see in the cave with the glitched lighting.

Teleport Pad Bug

When you put down a teleport pad and another is already placed somewhere else, the game will override the pad and delete the previous one. However if you reset or dump ores into your chest the "deleted" pad will return to your inventory.

Teleport Pad Dupable Glitch

in this glitch you place down a teleport pad. then the mine resets. You can get down there even when mine is loading

Game breaking

Broken join animation

Sometimes the play button that appears when you start the game breaks, and the game breaks until you leave the server. This has many variants. Some witnessed are:

  • You join the game, but you can't move. This is because the spinning animation is what prevents you from moving at the start of the game. Obviously if it doesn't end, you will be frozen.
  • The game gets stuck on the "loading player information" from the game looping the loading script.
  • The game loads an empty inventory, the Expert rank, and some Xbox LT controls. This is because the game loads extra test information to make sure your game is working, but it glitches if the player doesn't move the mouse after joining the game.
  • Your data is successfully loaded, however your screen will remain dark. You can fix this by resetting (However this used to cause another glitch) or Rejoining.

Loss of Game Data

Sometimes, when player is disconnected in the game after playing for a long time (like 3 hours) and then the player joins another server again, the game may load a previous version of a player's data. Then, if the player rejoins a lot, different old versions can load. This is because the game believes that you join a previous session. The base of it is because when you join you don't save. So the game gets severely confused and loads a different save to fill it in. This is basically a roulette to get your newest save back, as it will take a few tries.

Broken Chat

If a player dies in the game (reset, going past ~5844 depth, boomite, zombie, zwambie), or his or her chat will be broken, and he or she can no longer talk in-game. The only way to fix this was by leaving and rejoining the game. It is unknown why this bug happens. (Patched during the October 2017 Update)(Sometimes happens when dying to depth still.) Some players have reported that leaving and joining does not work.(this bug can appear naturally)

Another mine


Shoot all the highlighted in the back and one of them will fall into the mine, then mine low enough and build anything and mine said built thing. A stone generation should happen if done correctly.

If you can manage to take a block of Pumpkinite ore underground without mining it, you will be able to place Metal Plates, etc. on top of it. However, when you pick them up, more stone will generate in places where it shouldn't be.

This glitch also worked after the May 2018 update, which added Zombie ore drops. You could place blocks on top of the ore drops, then pick up the placed blocks to generate more stone. This could be also used to 'duplicate' caves. (Patched at May 2018, 9th; 4 days after the day the bug started.)

With this glitch, you can even make stone generate slightly above the regular mine, which shouldn't be possible.

Out Of Bounds

If you jump up the mountain wall behind the teleporter array you can jump outside the map and have a chance landing outside of the ores. (Don't do this after map reset because they'll be nothing to land on). Also if you teleport at depth 1,300 m to 1,700 m you will fly out of your base and be able to go to other bases. You will not be able to take others gold or exp. You could also use other personal mines.

Go pretty much anywhere

Repeat the glitch above with a hole dug in your base, then do not get bounced off the tree during the above glitch (not required to go on your base). Now, keep mining until you get to were you want. If you are not careful enough during the pickaxe part, you will get inside the cave and have to restart the glitch.

Building method

This method can be used anywhere underground. Dig a straight line at least 2 blocks long, then swap to the build hammer and aim at the wall straight ahead of you. Place any non-solid item there (Any of the torches, or a teleport pad). If done right, you should hear the building sound but not see the item (It's been placed outside the mine, directly on top of the block you were aiming at). Dig one block straight up right next to the block you were aiming at. You should now see the item you placed Because the game didn't replace it with a solid block like stone, you can now jump straight through.

Lobby Out-of-bounds

In the lobby after you go through the Teleporter Array, you will notice a bridge across a river and 2 tunnels on either side of the river. The tunnel to the right of where you teleport is accessible, and you can get rubies and sapphires there at 0-2m. At the end of the tunnel, there is a hole. Go down the hole and you will be out-of-bounds, making it super easy to get rubies and sapphires and basically everything.

Glitched Mine

The Glitched Mine is mostly used to get opal, however, Amethyst is also a bit more common. To get into the Glitched Mine you must go to the corner or edge of the mine and mine approximately 16m down, then strip mine out of the middle of the mine, soon you will find a stone barrier. Mine 2m down and then continue strip mining as soon as you feel you've passed the barrier, start making some stairs so you can get up to 2m. Once you have done the above steps, you have entered the Glitched mine.


If a player goes down a particularly deep hole, lets say a thousand blocks deep, they will bounce. This is not exactly a glitch but can be used to climb to the borders of other people's bases. if you jump off the border of the main area and teleport back to your base at around 2000 blocks deep, you will bounce high enough to get to the border of your base.

Ore in the river

if you mine down far enough to make the brown wall going from 1-10m in the mine dissapear, then torch out of the mine when between the teleport pad and the top miner board, then mine a tunnel that inside the mine would go straight up, and place a teleport pad on the top and teleport up then down, if done right you will be in an area just below the river. mine up until the stone is in the water, and teleport up. go into the river and look for stone in the river. if you do it right there will be ore in the river.
Me finding a Opal while glitching through green goo during the 2017 October event "Hallows Eve" or something...

ore underwater

River of gold

example of a fully glitched river

Lighting & xp bar glitch

RobloxScreenShot20180911 201609005

There is a chance that if you die, you could respawn with the same lighting as the layer you died in. in some cases, fixing this is as simple as resetting or teleporting, but there is a very random and fairly rare variant of this glitch in which many things in the game stop working right.

  • the game will constantly tell you that you are 1m below the surface
  • the mine conditions will show up as a green 'Risky'
  • as before mentioned, you keep the lighting from where you died
  • the game will show that you have 0 strength, 0 opt. depth, 0 uC, and 4232 Coins (you don't lose any of that stuff and you can still gain coins and uC)
  • the game will say you are an Expert, however chat will still recognize your correct rank (you Can still gain xp while this glitch is happening)
  • nothing has a shown hitbox during this glitch, and the menu does not work so you cannot empty your inventory, switch picks, access the market, or craft anything
  • ores dont have the normally laggy hitboxes when this glitch occurs so if you have slow internet this glitch will make you mine much faster than usual
  • the game shows console controls

The Null Zone

the null zone is a broken area that seems to occur in all roblox games. in this area, which begins aproximately 1 million studs in any direction from the center of any map, the player will have their avatar warped,

Null Zone Warping - Copy

an example of what the extremes of the null zone can do to a player's avatar

and it gets progressively worse the further in you go. although nobody has confirmed that this glitch exists in azure mines, given how it seems to exist in every other game, it can almost be guaranteed to exist in azure mines. this area would start to exist at z= -166,666 and 166,666 , x= -166,666 and 166,666 and given that although y= 166,666 and -166,666 are unreachable, it can be assumed that using these number you could determine where a theoretical sphere of non glitchiness would exist, and any character that somehow traveled outside of that theoretical sphere would begin to glitch.In the free admin games the area is called the "Deadlands"