Caves are pre-scripted spaces that spawn at the mine when you mine an ore or stone that is surrounding it. It contains many ores that are spawned, including some that are only obtained at caves. They normally have 200+ blocks and can be really easy for finding some ores. However, it is hard to see the ore only with the light of a lantern below 400m due to the lack of range, so it's recommended to have a Torch, Uranium Stick or a Glass Candle to navigate caves much more easily. Some caves have zombies in there!!!

Additional Details

  • There are currently two known types of caves: Regular Caves and Zombie Caves.
    • Zombie caves also generate with Ladder Bricks, Zombies, and light sources depending on depth of the cave. (0-600 = Torch, 600-1000 = Uranium Stick, 1000+ = Glass Candle) (Zombies 0-600 and 1000+, exploding zombies or "Zwambies" 600-1000)
  • Currently, the cave locations are not offsetted every mine reset. This means cave locations and their shape every time the mine resets is the same.
    • With this, you could create a 'Cave Map' with a list of caves with their coordinates. (This may require the Navigation Kit gamepass to utilize properly)
      • There is a public list of caves available on the wiki now. If you'd like to learn more, click here.
  • When a cave is being generated, an unminable stone block generates. This block gets mineable again when the cave finishes generating. Unlike the past, there are no boundaries between one cave now.
  • Ores that spawn exclusively in caves are the most requested for upgrades on the Marketplace.
  • Some ores have different chances to spawn when it's attempting to generate in a cave.


  • Cave generation uses Perlin Noise (Within the Roblox Lua API, it's known as math.noise) to generate uniquely shaped caves at unique locations.
  • In the past, there were 'boundaries' between one cave if it was large enough. Breaking the boundary usually leads to another part of the cave. This was done to generate caves before the player fell out of the map. However, players still occasionally fell out of the map if the server was slow enough.
  • Directly after the zombie update, a "cave duplication" glitch was found. a player would be able to place a building material on top of an ore dropped by a zombie, and upon mining it, a second cave would spawn with ores slightly above the first cave's ores. It was patched shortly after being found.