Data & Analysis
Collects data from mining to produce XP. Increases optimal mining depth.
Total Upgrade Cost:
1,796,720 Coin 6470 Itemcopper 185 Itemiron 205 Itemuo 80 Itemgold 10 AzureOreIcon 1 Item3 5 Itempluto 25 Itemserend 1 Garnet

Overview Edit

Data & Analysis is a building in your base that automatically produces XP that can be collected by stepping on it while you're in the game. It also increases the optimal mining depth - the depth up until your pick becomes significantly weaker.

Level XP/15s Upgrade Cost Optimal Mining Depth
In Ruins - - 100m
1 2 5 Itemcopper 5 Itemiron 400m
2 5 70 Coin 5 Itemcopper 5 Itemiron 700m
3 9 400 Coin 35 Itemcopper 30 Itemiron 1000m
4 14 750 Coin 50 Itemcopper 45 Itemiron 1300m
5 20 1500 Coin 30 Itemgold 75 Itemcopper 100 Itemiron 1600m
6 26 4000 Coin 5 Itemuo 50 Itemgold 200 Itemcopper 1900m
7 33 10000 Coin 10 Itemuo 350 Itemcopper 2200m
8 40 30000 Coin 15 Itemuo 500 Itemcopper 5 Itempluto 2500m
9 48 100000 Coin 25 Itemuo 750 Itemcopper 10 AzureOreIcon 2800m
10 56 250000 Coin 40 Itemuo 1000 Itemcopper 1 Item3 3100m
11 64 500000 Coin 50 Itemuo 1500 Itemcopper 1 Garnet 3400m
12 73 900000 Coin 60 Itemuo 2000 Itemcopper 25 Itemserend 3700m

Trivia Edit

  • Before the Renovation Update, at Data & Analysis Level 7 or higher, your optimal depth would exceed the legacy depth limit of the game (2166.7) When you passed this point, your character would be deleted and your chat would be deleted, but not glitched like it was before However, now it goes out to 5833.3m.
  • One theory for why you die is that Berezaa forgot to change the settings for the workplace. There's a property/option (FallenPartsDestroyHeight) that deletes falling parts when they reach a certain height to make the game run more efficiently. However, if you've ever been to 2166, you've seen that the mine still produces blocks below.
  • However, ever since the Zombie Update, the depth where you can dig down to has been increased to 5833.3m, no level goes down that far as the optimal depth stops at 3700m!
  • Regardless of your optimal depth, the deeper you are (or layer of stone), the harder every ore (including stone) is to mine. Data & Analysis upgrades may decrease mining time which is increased based on your depth or type of stone.
  • If you look at the computer screen the man is staring at in data and analysis, you will see a sideways Pepe the frog. It looks different in certain upgrades, like upgrades 7 and 10. At level 7, it shows a Pepe that looks like nightmare Freddy in FNAF 4 and a red background, possibly a reference to the fact that at that level you unlock depth 2000+, which is the underworld (See Stone). At level 10, it shows a picture of Peppa Pig changed to look like Pepe the frog. However, as of now, the laptop's screen is just plain white.