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Overview Edit

Dragonglass is a fairly common ore found in the underworld. It is used to craft the Dragonglass Pickaxe, requiring 35 Dragonglass and 5 Gold. It also can craft the Glass Torch using 3 pieces, and is found from 2000 to 2400. It is relatively easy to mine, even if your optimal depth isn't that good, and drops one dragonglass and 100 experience points upon being mined.

Dragonglass Pickaxe Edit

The Dragonglass Pickaxe has the power of 4.2, range of 9.5, and delay of 0.2. These stats make this pick 8th place in terms of power, 1st in terms of range, and 10th place in terms of delay. The Dragonglass Pickaxe requires the Mining Operations at base be at least level 5 to be crafted. This pickaxe has the unique perk of being the only pickaxe able to mine Boomite and Dragonstone.

January Update Edit

With the January Update, Dragonglass ore and its pickaxe changed. Before the update the ore was found between 2000m - 2200m and awarded 10,000 XP. The pickaxe was designed to mine Boomite and place it in your inventory. After the update it was found right below 1m and only awarded 100 XP making it's value SIGNIFICANTLY lower, since it was used as an event ore for an event. The pickaxe mined Dragonstone, something that is needed to be mined for the Helen quest, which was part of the event. The purpose of these changes was so that newer players could do the Helen Quest. The Helen quest was later removed because of the event ending. The pickaxe can still mine Boomite. After this event, Dragonglass was found only in 2000+ depths, but still remained at 100 EXP because Berezaa forgot to change it and it is still only 100 EXP to this day in 9/14/2018.

Trivia Edit

  • Dragonglass is also featured in Game of Thrones; Warning: contains non - ROBLOX appropriate content (although Berezaa loves the show).
  • The Dragonglass texture was made by a group called the "heiser group", and the group called it "Abyssum".
  • Since an abyss is generally very deep, and a volcano generally shoots things out from very deep within the earth, these two factors could explain the name Abyssum and why it has an extreme depth.
  • Dragonglass Pickaxe is the only pickaxe that can mine Boomite.
  • Dragonglass is in fact a real thing; however, it is far more commonly called obsidian.