Dragonstone is a removed unobtainable material that was found in the player's base next to the Marketplace during the Medieval Event. It could only be mined with a Dragonglass Pickaxe, and gave 1000 EXP upon mining. 16 Dragonstone ores would appear each rejoin, so it was somewhat effective for low rank grinding. It's only usage was as a path obstacle for the Helen Quest.

Dragonstone has since been removed as of the 2017 Halloween update, however it's emblem remains in the shop for some reason.


  • For some reason, an emblem is purchasable in the shop, despite being unobtainable. So it's not achievable. The icon is a little lighter than the regular Stone icon.
  • Dragonstone is 1 of 3 unobtainable ores, the other 2 are Pile of Gold and Memerock.