Azure Mines Official Trailer

Azure Mines Official Trailer

Note: Berezaa has created a full fledged tutorial for Azure Mines that has the bare minimum instructions on how to play the game including how to mine and upgrade bases. The majority of the content on this page will be kept as this page contains more in-depth information on how to be a very good Azure Mines player. The game is 100% BETTER than Mining Simulator!!! We are looking for more players!

Overview Edit

Welcome to your new journey in Azure Mines! You look around your base and see a series of stations in ruins and you have just enough gold coins to start up the teleporter to the public mines! It's your job to collect ore and restore your stations to their former glory. You will start this game with a Stone Pickaxe to mine and a Lantern which will assist you with mining in deeper depths. Now that you're in Azure Mines, hover your mouse on the GUIs on your screen as Berezaa added text to explain them. You should also consider the following to get started:

Depth Conditions Edit

Depth conditions refers to how far down in the mines you are, depending on the depth, the light level will drop significantly.

  • When you get to 1,000m below the surface the stone will be blue, and it will become darker yet again, so bring glass candles to light up the place if needed.
  • When you get to 2,000m below the surface the stone will be red and there will be rather significant environmental lighting. This area is known as the Underworld, as referenced in a game badge. You do not need any candles as it is already extremely bright with any sort of lighting
  • At 3,000m a green stone area called the Radiation Zone starts. always bring a newtonium pickaxe, a ray gun, or a sword to this area as zombies naturally spawn occasionally out of mined blocks
Depth Data Table
Depth Stone Color Ores found (main location)
0-5m Grey Opal, Moonstone
1-599m Grey Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Gold, Kappite (1337, 420, 0)
600m-999m Dark Grey Illuminunium (666m), Plutonium (700m+), Uranium (800m+), Topaz (0-2000m, caves only), Serendibite (996-999m), Boomite
1000-1999m Dark Blue Baryte, Rainbonite (caves only), Azure (1400m+), Mithril
2000-2999m Red Dragonglass, Painite
3000+m Green Newtonium
Anywhere N/A Amethyst, Ambrosia, Coal, Silver, Copper, Unobtainium, Twitchite, Iron
Depth Info Template
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Please note that some of the info in the above infobox is incorrect (Red stone can spawn any point from 2000m, not stopping at 2166m, Iron spawns down to 2000m, and much more) but cannot be edited due to wiki restrictions.

Now that we went over the depth, here's some tips on how to get started with mining.

  • Start off from the surface and go down in a straight direction, what you would probably do even at the end game.
  • Mine ore like Coal, Iron, Copper, and Silver as they're used for leveling up low, medium, and high-leveled base stations (and restoring them of course). Once your in the mid and end game, try not to mine more Coal and Silver than you need as they're very common and mining all of them you see is extremely time consuming and you have limited time and ores to mine before the mine resets.
  • Consider trading with other players by asking them what ores they have and telling others what kinds of worthwhile ores are in your inventory. DO NOT BEG FOR STUFF FROM OTHER PLAYERS AS THIS WILL DECREASE YOUR LIKELIHOOD OF TRADING WITH THEM.
  • Digging straight down is recommended when the conditions are Safe.
  • While mining there's a chance you will find a ravine, explore it with your lantern to find ores. Caves sometimes contain exclusive ore like Topaz & Rainbonite depending on depth.
  • When it gets too dark try using another device with an alt account that follows you with a lantern. Players can gain XP from nearby ores mined when holding a lantern to help others see.
  • Always check the walls, you could miss some special ores!
  • The personal tunnel isn't worth it, it's affected by mining conditions (listed below) and is capable of connecting to the public mines.
  • It's too dangerous to go alone! Take a sword. Watch out for zombies in few caves, they could have more than one in there. Bring a friend to help to fight them. Kill the zombie to get awesome loot!
  • But if you have a newtonium pick, you will be the dangerous one. It kills zombies on impact!

Mining Conditions Edit

A full article is available here: Mine Condition

This is based on how much of the mine has been mined and there is a set amount of blocks that have to be mined in order for the mine to reset. On the top of the screen you will see the mining condition and here is what each of them mean:

  • Safe - Less than 55% of the limit has been reached. You can mine freely without a worry.
  • Risky - Between 55% and 85% of the limit has been reached. You can still mine freely but try to hurry up to get the deeper ores.
  • Dangerous - Between 85% and 95% of the limit has been reached. Stop mining downwards and grab those extra ores while you can.
  • Critical - Over 95% of the limit has been reached. The mine will reset very soon so it would be a good idea to get rid of your teleport pads as they will be removed if you don't take it back. Once it resets, get those moonstones and opals at the top.

The number of ores that have to be mined for reset is 100,000. This is not counted by time.

Alternatively, you can buy the Risk Analysis Kit which will replace the mine condition indicator with an exact reading of the mine's lifetime. This costs R$40.

Caves Edit

Caves are naturally occurring structures in the mines. They generate at specific areas when mining a block, and the size of the cave can vary. Usually, it has a main cavern, along with "flat" walls, which used have smaller caves in them. Caves are great for finding ores, as there are many of them in a single area. Caves also contain exclusive ore including Topaz & Rainbonite (between 1000m - 1999m only). Keep in mind that some caves have Zombies or Zwambies.

Currency Edit

Currency is a common material used to make transactions in exchange for goods or services. In Azure Mines, currency is used to buy ores or upgrade your base. There are 2 currencies in azure mines, read about them below.

Coins Edit

Coins are the main currency used in Azure Mines. It is obtainable by Upgrading your Mining Operations and can make more coins by your Research and Development, or by trading ore in your marketplace. It is currently used for upgrading your Marketplace, Research and DevelopmentData and AnalysisStorage Management, and Teleporter Array.

Unobtainium Crystals Edit

Unobtainium Crystals are used as a premium currency in Azure Mines. They can be obtained as a rare ore which contains 1 to 3 of its crystals, opening your Daily Gift which award 5-15 crystals each, or by purchasing them for ROBUX. They're used to upgrade your base especially used for purchasing a Personal Tunnel for 300 uC which many players tend to save up for. 

Base Stations Edit

Here's some advice on how to upgrade your base, this list is ordered by priority (which would be more important to upgrade as a new player)

  • Teleporter Array - This let's you access the main mine, without this you wouldn't be able to mine in the main mine.
  • Mining Operations - this controls how much access to have to crafting specific pickaxes as pickaxes require mining operation levels. The station also produces gold coins which can be used later on when you upgrade your marketplace.
  • Storage management - you only start off with 100 blocks in your inventory which would fill up in one minutes leading to very brief mining especially without a teleport pad! It's recommended to get it up to level 3 as a new player which gives 700 total inventory space.
  • Data & Analysis - This station controls you optimal mining depth with is ESSENTIAL for getting a variety of ores. It can also produce XP while you're in the mines which helps you level up much faster (only useful up to Legend).

Lower priority stations Edit

It wouldn't hurt to have them but they're not ultra important for beginning the game like the stations above are. Pay attention to these as you into the mid game when these would make a difference. In other words start upgrading these once you have a good standing with the other stations.

  • Research & Development - this increases your mining speed plus gold and XP production. wouldn't help as much without Mining Operations or Data & Analysis.
  • Marketplace - almost all the upgrades require cave exclusive ores including Topaz and Rainbonite. The marketplace gives you deals on ores for gold coins. Occasionally useful and rarely has really good deals.
  • Personal Tunnel - purchasing this for 300uC (Unobtainium Crystals) will allow players to dig stone blocks NOT connected to the mines in anyway allowing them to mine without the disturbance of other players. While it is not too likely for a player to "steal" ores while you're mining them, its also not likely that a player can even follow you if you make a complicated enough tunnel.

Misc. Tips Edit

  • Players can craft pickaxes by going to the pickaxe forge (or by clicking the pickaxe icon on top of your screen) and using specific materials to make new pickaxes. Don't be shy! You can always re-equip old pickaxes!
  • Players can also craft items place-able in the mines like blocks, torches, and even teleport pads! Other players can't take them nor can destroy the block directly below it. these items aid you especially when cave mining.
  • Try holding out a torch (Glass Candle is recommended) while exploring ravines as they may be stronger than your lantern.
  • When trading, is good to understand how much is an ore worth, so you can make fair trades where both members of it leave with satisfaction. Some tips to know are:
  • Iron, Copper and Silver are pretty fair to trade these for equal or semi equal ammounts.
  • Collectible ores like Illuminunium and Garnet are traded for other collectible ores for a lot of other ores.
  • Other rare ores should be traded for high amounts of semi rare ores like Baryte or for ores equal on its level.
  • Its good to trade Uranium for Plutonium and vice - versa because their rarity is practically the same and they both have different uses, uranium makes some high level upgrades and Plutonium is good for market place deals AND upgrades.
  • Uncollectable Ores such as Pumpkinite and Twicthite can be sold for as much as an Ambrosia so it is definitely worth it to collect ores that are found on a limited occasion
  • Ambrosia ores are almost impossible to be traded because of its INSANE RARITY, And almost nobody is able to afford a trade with another user. For examples of successful Ambrosia trades, refer to the trade section of the Ambrosia page.