Gold is a common ore that can be crafted into a pickaxe. The gold pickaxe has a rather high mining power but a high delay; it is good for mining ores that take a long time, but a tiny bit also good for mining several ores. It's not as good for mining through Stone.


With the January Update, the ROBLOX Medieval Battle 2017 event started and the task in Azure Mines was to mine 25 gold and craft the Guilded Gold Pickaxe, the first event item in Azure Mines.

Crafting the Guilded Gold Pickaxe would award the Armor of the Grim. The Guilded Golden Pickaxe itself is a slightly buffed and retextured variant of the Gold Pickaxe. Because of the update, Gold's depth range was changed to be found anywhere and after the event, its depth was changed to 0-800m.


  •  In real life, Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au (Aurum, meaning gold in Latin) and atomic number 79; it is also the most malleable of all metals and the most noble of the noble metals.
  • The Golden Pickaxe was one of the first Pickaxes to be added in the initial Pickaxe Update, and was known for it's better durability.
  • After the event, selecting the guilded gold pickaxe in the pickaxe menu shows a Garnet icon instead of a Copper icon although the pickaxe is no longer obtainable and Garnet was never used to make the pickaxe.
    • After 5/5/18, it now shows a Coal icon.
  • Berezaa forgot to revert gold's spawn rate and depth from the event, so gold is found from 5m - 1000m and is more common than when it was spawned at 300m - 1000m.