The Helen Quest was a quest in Azure Mines and it involved saving Princess Helen from a dungeon. Here's what to do so:

  • The purple wall in your base is actually Dragonstone which can only be mined with a Dragonglass Pickaxe and which can be crafted with Dragonglass and Coal which were abundant below the surface. After the event ended, it was still found behind the wall where it was during the event and it could be seen if the player used shiftlock to see through the wall.
  • After crafting the Dragonglass Pickaxe, you will only need to mine just one Dragonstone to get past the wall. You will now see a portal, enter it.
  • The Portal used to take you to a another server called "Mysterious Court" where you see piles of gold covering the floor (none of which can go into your inventory). Mine the gold until you reach the bottom where you will find Princess Helen.
  • Talk to her and then return to your base by re-entering the portal where you will see a golden gift which awards you 10000 EXP and the Savior badge.

Post Helen Event

It was possible to still enter the coin room and do the Helen quest for a while after the ROBLOX event, yet you weren't able to receive the ROBLOX accessory.

  • Head to the public mines and dig a few blocks down.
  • Begin tunneling toward the direction of the public portal.
  • As soon a you dug far enough (20-30 blocks), reset your character and head back to the public mines
  • Before entering the mines again, climb the mountain that was in the direction of the tunnel you dug toward.
  • Climb over and fall on top of the tunnel you made.
  • Begin digging a tunnel toward one of the unloaded bases (Walls in the unloaded bases are missing)
  • Mining the dragonstone is optional, but you are still able to mine the dragonstone
  • Dont use the base platform as a cheap way to get to the helen quest, even if you can collide with it.
  • Dig a tunnel around the unloaded base, toward a transparent blue block, behind the dragonstone.
  • Reset your character.

You can't complete the quest anymore, since what was there has since been replaced with a chest for the Halloween event.