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Overview Edit

This is a page where users are free to build on or add in their own ideas for Azure Mines. Add your name next to your idea if you would like to claim it. Please do NOT replace someone else's name with yours. Add on to it below and add your name to the side. You can add on to other's ideas but please note that they may disagree with the idea and remove it. If this happens; DO NOT start an edit war. Doing so will get you banned. If you want to review or talk about someone's idea, make a thread or comment below, please do not edit or delete anything you disagree with.

Note: As unrealistic and probably-won't-be-added ideas these may be, there is no reason to start a war over it. I am not fond of some of these ideas myself, but it's not a valid reason to start a war over it. Any such negative hate on this page WILL be removed. Talk about it on the author's blog or in the comments (It's there for a reason), instead of wasting your time editing this. -WizorDev
Please do not add ideas that Bereza has mentioned he would add as he will remember to add it. Anything that has been added by Bereza that is on this page will be deleted off and put onto a new page.

Tips on Making an Idea: Edit

Ores: Edit

  • If you choose to provide stats for your custom ore, make sure they are realistic gameplay wise.
  • Try to make the name creative so don't just add '-ite' or '-ium' to the end of a word (Skyium, Waterite etc.)

Misc. Items: Edit

  • Try not to leach off other games, such as Minecraft or any other mine related games.
  • Be original. Like above, taking other ideas is not advised as they may be too overused or may start arguments.

Layers: Edit

Tell if the layer is added in the main mine or if the Layer is in a new mine all together.

  • If you make a new mining place (Sky World) it should be accessible from the teleporter from your base.

General Ideas Edit

Quest SystemEdit

For those who have worked too hard and won't go any farther. there should be a quest tab that shows on the top like inventory and market. there should be 4 quests slots, 3 which are random just for ores obtainable for your rank, the 1 quest slot for upgrading building, once you get all your buildings upgraded it turns into a extra random quest slot. similar to marketplace, quests refresh daily automatically or can be refreshed by paying 20 Uc. maybe even a 5th slot which is only purchased with 100 robux like the marketplace gamepass. there shouldn't be a limit on quests just as long you complete them you get a new one. Quests give +(mining boost of current rank)% to the total EXP of mined ores together and/or award coins based on the value of ore generated in the market. so if azure is between 1000 - 5000 on the market, award additional 2374 coins for the azure for the quest -Exact Experience gamepass - when you're 99%+ and absolutely need to know how much you have left so you don't give up to come the next day and use the daily gift lol - Meowlakill (ROBLOX / Wikia)

-Custom Music gamepass (30 robux, only you can access, able to change song for every layer)

-Each emblem = +1% mining boost and the ore of the emblem you have equipped = +19% mining boost to that specific ore only. - Meowlakill (ROBLOX / Wikia)

-Teleporter Array - The ability to teleport to stone layers and/or realms (like the underworld or hell) you've visited before. But you first need to upgrade your Teleporter Array and then you have to pay in Uc for each time.

  • Upgrade Cost
  1. Level 2: 10 Gold & 5 Rubies - 600m
  2. Level 3: 5 Illuminunium, 5 Plutonium, 5 Uranium, 10 Azure - 1000m
  3. Level 4: 10 Mithril, 50 Boomite, 25 Dragonglass, 50 Painite - 2000m
  • Teleport Cost
  1. Level 2 - 600m: 5k coins & 15 uC
  2. Level 3 - 1000m: 50k coins & 50 uC
  3. Level 4 - 2000m: 125k coins & 75 uC

Metal Detector gamepass(50 robux) Edit

This gamepass gives you a device that detects ore 5 blocks around you. Rarer ores are detected first.

Not detected- Boomite(Do you really want to detect something that explodes), Kappa(Navigation Kit is a thing), Stone(Does this need explaining), Illuminunium(This ore isnt even rare), Garnet(Does this need explaining), Twitchite(Hard to implement because rarity varies)

Is detected(rarest to most common)- Ambrosia, Mithral, Moonstone, Newtonium, Rainbonite + Azure, Amethyst, Unobtainium, Painite, Dragonglass, Topaz, Baryte, Platinum, Plutonium, Uranium, Opal, Diamond + Emerald + Gold, Ruby + Sapphire, Iron + Copper, Silver, Coal -ClickTheCircles

Reconstruction Edit

Upon becoming an Overlord, you have a "Reconstruct" ability. In order to do it, you need 150 Boomite, 20 Dragonglass, and 3 Azure.

Once you have all of this, you click "Reconstruct". Everything except your teleporter array and personal tunnel is gone. Your ores, your pickaxes... everything. But one pickaxe doesn't dissapear. It appears to be a random, all-powerful pickaxe. This, is a Reconstructed Pickaxe.

A reconstructed pickaxe is a pickaxe that is really powerful. [like Yunium Pickaxe, with power of 10.5].

Table of chances to obtain a Reconstructed Pickaxe:

Pickaxe Power Advantages Chance Special Power:
Tektite Pickaxe 14 Fast as dragonglass pick,and can mine boomite 1/3 Glows red
Yunium Pickaxe 10.5 2/3 Glows yellow
Nuclearite Pickaxe 11.7 1/250 The more green it gets,

the better a good ore is near

Unobtainium Pickaxe 11.13 1/375 The more unobtainium crystals you have,

the ore's EXP is multiplied

Noobite Pickaxe 12.5 1/850 Plays that "uuuhh" sound upon takeout
Superunobtainium Pickaxe 12.26 1/1165 Each 10 unobtainium crystals you have,

the ore's EXP is multiplied by 20 and adds 10,000 more EXP

Berezite Pickaxe 14.55 1/3000

[6th rarest]

If the creator is streaming, ore EXP is multiplied by the amount of viewers currently watching
Dreamite Pickaxe 16.2 1/4500

[5th rarest]

Ore EXP is multiplied by 50, but a percentage dropping from 100% is the chances of it happening. At 0%, it's impossible
Continentite Pickaxe 20.9 1/8000

[4th rarest]

A year counter is on the top of the screen. The counter increases every one minute, and the EXP of ores are multiplied by the last two digits of that year [ex. 2017 = ore exp is 17x]
Fish Hook 23.7 1/10,000

[2nd rarest]

Hook can be broken, takes 100 stone to fix
True Pickaxe 65.8 1/1 million


Speed is multiplied by 3.5 for other pickaxes

EXP is multiplied by one hundred

Glows blue

Spits out electric particles

Spicy Pickaxe 91.7 Can Mine Boomite 1/2500 Only known information is that it is a pickaxe set on fire
Ragebite Pickaxe 92.3 Fast as the Boomite Pickaxe, Can mine boomite and mines dragonglass faster. 1/2600 Glows red and emits red sparkles, the rarity of all ore increases of how deep you go. The rarity of lesser ores go down. [ex. Coal rarity: 10% Diamond rarity: 25%]
Pickaxe of the Unknown 100.3 (normal)/ 177.99 (lucky) Can mine Boomite, Fast as Guilded Gold Pickaxe, Mines rarer ores faster. 1/9999 [3rd rarest] Pickaxe emits a black glow, with black sparkles. If you mine an ore that is common, it will almost instantly destroy it. Mining ambrosia is faster, Awards a badge "The Chosen One", Increases Power by 3% everytime you mine Painite. Works faster in the "Blue Zone" (blue rock), Mines Moonstone faster, gives 100 coins each time you mine coal. Has a higher chance of getting "Very Rich". There is a 1/20,999 chance you will get the Lucky version of this pickaxe. Getting the lucky pickaxe awards "The Chosen One" and "The Real MVP". If you get the lucky version, you will INSTANTLY mine common ores. Mining ambrosia takes lesser time than usual. (i didnt think this would be OP so i'm sorry, true pickaxe....)
Voidmaker Pickaxe 97.0  Fast as Boomite Pickaxe Unobtainable This pickaxe is the only pickaxe that is closest to Spicy Pickaxe's rarity. This pickaxe removes stone instantly, mines Coal instantly, mines Diamond instantly, mines basically all Uncommon and Common ores instantly. mines Rare ores fast, mines legendary ores medium and mines ambrosia slow
Administrator's Pickaxe 9000 Mines Boomite and Mines Ambrosia instantly Unobtainable, admins of Azure Mines only Mines everything 10x faster, you COULD say this is a "farming" pickaxe.. Emits a white glow and white small smoke.
Instant Pickaxe All in the description This cannot be obtained!... unless.. you complete the Challenge. Mines everything instantly and mines the mine's box instantly, spawns memerock, spawns Garnet, spawns Ambrosia, Spawns Dragonglass when you mine a box and can kill zombies with a single blow, spawns Twitchite, Moonstone, and anything without anything getting in the way and spawns caves in a 1.1 rarity and basically better than the admin pickaxe and is better than ANY pickaxe listed on anywhere
Viridian Pickaxe 123.43




1/32 chance for a 32x32 explosion , 1/16 chance for a 16x16 explosion ,

1/8 chance for a 8x8 explosion ,

1/4 chance for a 4x4 explosion , 1/2 chance for a 2x2 explosion.


(3rd rarest)

Glows green. 1/25000 chance for it to be a lucky version of this pickaxe.
Final Pickaxe 40 (do da math) Can instantly mine any ore except for ambrosia, which only takes 0.3-1 seconds to mine. 1/9999999999E+9999999999 (rarest) this pickaxe can be made with either a lvl 21 mining operation with using 1k serendibite and 25 ambrosia or by mining the final of one rare/very rare ore (besides opal, kappa, etc.) and emits rainbow fire.

Levels Edit

The meaning of the word 'Deity' is similar to 'God', or has the same meaning in my opinion. So I do not recommend suggesting the rank 'God' or 'Demigod' since there's a Super Deity rank upcoming. That suggests that the rank 'Deity' is equivalent to 'Demigod'. My point is, those ranks are cliche and are basically already in the game. - Meowlakill (ROBLOX / Wikia)

Try to not go over the top. Making a level above deity called "Ultimate Universe Crusher God" is not a good idea.

  • A new level between Overlord and Deity should be God, it requires 10,000,000,000 XP.
  • A new level after Super Deity is Vanguard, which requires 50,000,000,000 XP.

Misc. Ideas Edit

- There should be an ore guide that lists the minimum and maximum depths of all the ores. Maybe you could get a book, and whenever you get an ore that the book doesn't have the info of the ore listed in, it'll be automatically added in, so you need to find it before knowing the depth.

- There should be a new pickaxe for every level of mining operation. So that when you upgrade the mining operation you get at least something for all the iron you mined for it.

Mining an ore with a pickaxe made out of the same ore is x2 faster than mining it with a pickaxe that isn't made out of the same ore. This doesn't count stone.

- Berezaa should add in special mobs both peaceful and hostile. The hostile mobs should spawn in deep dark areas and also possibly guard rare ores. In order to mine the ore, a player must defeat the mob in battle. The mobs should also drop ores or even be trained to gather certain ores.

Mob List

  1. Guardian (250 HP, 25 Damage, Speed: 20) They will start to atack when you are 16 blocks or less close to them. They drops 2-5 Azures ore. Spawn depth: 1000m +
  2. Bats (25 HP, fly) They are passive and don't do damage to players. Spawn Depth: 1000m - 2000m

- There should be a potion stand or market area where players can purchase buffs such as a buff for mining speed or a buff for sight. The potions or brews should help players mine more easily.

- Low tier pickaxes should not be able to mine rare valuable ores.

- Berezaa should add a furnace that can combine ores to create some sort of alloy. There should also be a percentage of a success and destroy rate for creating an alloy.

- The Quantum Reality: Accessible via upgrading the teleporter. The upgrade would cost 500 dragonglass, 50 painite, 10 mythril, 10 serendibite, 20 garnets, and 10 illuminunium. The Quantum Reality would be the regular mines but colored yellow and white. This is the only place that Xeronium would spawn.

- More building items like doors (can customize who can enter or not), torches you can place on the walls, feel free the add more.

- Companion Chest: Can be found right behind your storage chest. It costs 100 Copper, 45 Iron, 5 Azure and 1 Center Core. Allows you to put the items you have in you inventory into your storage chest at the base. You can not access the items in the chest though. ~KJB

- Upgradable Lanterns: Like the Pickaxes, there are multiple lanterns which each have their own abilities, some increase XP gain, while others increase light given off distance and power

- Drill machine: you can build a drill machine from every material like the drill is amethyst and the hull is gold (etc) - minecraft karaja

- GPS tracker: An basic yet very useful item that will be always at your inventory, when you turn it on it would track ALL The way you did to reach the place you are, that would be EXTREMELY useful because if you have to go to your base for some reason and don't have a teleport pad, you would not lose 20 % of the mine life-time seeking the way back.

  • Battery: Your light and the GPS tracker (If it get add, see on top of this suggestion) Would have a limited amount of battery, it would take a LOT to end, but when it does, you gotta re- charge it at your base, there would be 2 kinds of batteries : you could choose.
  1. Normal battery, takes such less time to end than the other type but you don't gotta pay gold coins each time it is over even if it takes a lot, it takes a kind of long time to re- charge.
  2. You gotta buy something like battery boxes that could be attached on an special type of gps tracker or light, it costs 300 gold coins but takes 34 x times more than normal batteries to need a re- charge Note : if you leave the game and your battery its at 46 %, when you rejoin will be at 46 % even if you left your gps/light recharging and you didn't played for days, you also could use some kind of electric ore to make these battery boxes for free. - Stret1311BR

- Invite anyone to mine in your personal mine. (If you have one) -BayAreaBuggs

  1. A gui would pop up saying "Type username in to invite".
  2. User would have to be in your server of course.
  3. You can kick them from your mine (TPs them to their base)

- Troll Diddum:

Appears to be an ore but flings the player into the air or to the top of the mine. -TheDErpLord3/Crazy BANANA 69420

- Astrochemical Portal:

Used to get to the dimension known as the "Recruitment Center". Crafted using 5 Veitmyanite, 1 Azure, and 25 Ruby.

- The deeper you are the more XP you get from the more common ores!

- Axe Upgrades

You can build more stuff the more times you upgrade.

- Tier II , III , IV and V Caves

Tier II and III caves are rare caves that have a chance of replacing a normal cave. Tier II Caves have a 30% chance of replacing a regular cave, Tier III Caves 3% , Tier IV Caves 0.3% , and Tier V Caves 0.03%. The higher tier they are, the larger the cave is and the rarer the ores that spawn. You can tell them apart via special ores replacing normal cave ores. (Topaz, Rainbonite, and Eridite (an idea I made, see brlow)). I have more stats for hte ores down on the ores section however here they are:

  • Tier II: Quartz (can rarely be Rainbow Quartz), Ultimet, and Crimson respectively
  • Tier III: Pyrite, Technetium, and Allurium.
  • Tier IV: Azure, Viridian And Ambrosia.
  • Tier V: Ambrosia

- Chapsteck4yurlipis


-You can hold multiple pickaxes (only one of each kind), choosing which to use while mining among whichever ones you have; you can trade for them with others (for different pickaxes, ores, coins, etc.); you lose the pickaxe you trade away but can regain it by rebuilding from its component ores or in trade

Treasure Chests

Contains fun ores like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc. Can also contain rare ores. Perhaps requires a key for higher tier ones. Keys can perhaps be bought for robux although that could potentially become "P2P". Maybe have coins in chests as well. Chests should spawn in their own sections like caves, but a smaller room. Perhaps a 3x3 or 5x5 chamber.

Overlords+ get a ability called Drill. Basically it allows them to drill up to a 10x10 tunnel. With each 3 stone mined it costs them one dirt. It mines ores but just gets rid of them. A Ore drill. This is the same as a drill, but 1 stone each time 1 stone is mined, and it doesnt mine ores, so there are ores floating around.

Wizards+ get a Jetpack, which allows them to fly around, it isnt powerful, it can take you up 1 block per second but doesnt have fuel.

Masters+ get a Torch, this is like a lantern, no XP boost but it works like a real torch, so it shines where you point it. Good for caves.

With each level up, a speed boost would be good, because it can take FOREVER to get around.


  • The masked man: sells exclusive ores and pickaxes for unfair prices (as usual)
  • Pro robloxian: rarely found at Y:1337. Just stares at you holding an unusual pickaxe...
  • Noob: randomly found on top of buildings holding a Dr.Berza.
  • 1llum1n4t1 g0d: Looking up at night has a chance for a huge 1ll um1 4t1 to fly past.
  • Vaktus: Found in the dimension "The Recruitment Center". Trades overworld ores for Veitmyanite or Vaktovian.
  • Keemstar : Buys some illuminunium or kappa for a new pickaxe (illuminunium and kappa pick) and 1 Keemium and found in behind the marketplace.
  • The Lost Miner: Found between 1000m-1999m. You can buy ore and mining gear from him and you can hire him to start mining ore for you for 5000G.

Layers Edit

-Craft Dimension, This dimension contains new ores. such as, scissore (get it) boardite, borax, and even water to get! you need a bucket to get water though (10 iron, 5 silver) anyways, back to the ores! gluetonium, and color crystal which you can turn into glitter with a hammer! you can also craft slime! (5 borax, 10 gluetonium, 25 water)

- Poopite Dimension

When you take a dump, if you take it hard you get sucked down the toilet and get your face covered with poo. You land in a brown dimension made of poop. There are weird purple aliens who play basketball alot and you can never escape. There is also a poop train that also comes by and runs children over. The end.

- New Layer, The Void starting from probably 2500m deep and ending at 3000m it is incredibly dark where a player can only see just 1 block around them. Another thing to add to this is ore spawns boosted because it would be harder to find certain ores but there are still a ton. -kidoftheroops

- Lavastone, starting at -2500m towards down to -3000m. Every player sees 1 block away for the light and Painite will be more common. (AarexWikia04 - RBLX Name: Aarex 2104)

- Dirt, starting at -1m towards down to -50m. The player will be able to see 5 blocks away. Dirt can be mined very quickly. It's not a deal in the marketplace. -MinersHavenWIKI

- Sapphire Stone starting at -3000m the player sees 10 blocks away because there are lots of gems example: Ruby , emerald and diamonds, stone is shiny and emits 1 block radius of light. -McArnas

- THE MARIO DEPTHS from 2002 to 2010 a very thin area that contains many mario ores like luigilum or marite.

Best to strip mine here also there is a very rare ore that has nothing to do with mario it is called pikastone and spawns only at 2005 m down in the mines.

- Frost, starting at -3500 to -5000. See below at "frost" section. -Chapsteck4yurlipis

- Void, starting at -5000 to -10000. See below as before. -Chapsteck4yurlipis

- Sky, starting at +1 m to +10000m. See below. -Chapsteck4yurlipis

- The Light Blue/Overworld stone - ranging from 5000 - 5833m. Mithril , azure had appeared again , with a new ore called Korbloxium , (produced after the death barrier.) - A FANDOM USER

The Final Dimension... Edit

You've seen all ores, collected all, and upgraded everything. Upgraded everything excluding the Personal Tunnel. You are an Overlord or higher. You have restored your base back to it's former glory. You've... done it. But there's one last thing to do. The Final Dimension. You upgrade the Teleporter Array to the next level. The array previously showed "??" when you were willing to upgrade it... The upgrade itself costs 250 Azure, 40,000 Coal, 4,000 Iron and 1,000,000 coins. After the upgrade has been completed, you jump off into the teleporter... and go into the Final Dimension. After you obtain the most powerful and dangerous ore known to mankind, Godium, you are able to perform a huge move. You SACRIFICE everything and begin all over. You obtain the Overlord Pickaxe. The stats of this unmistakable pickaxe are unpredictable, with a speed of 20, a delay of 1.3, and an INSANE range of 20. Kinda like T.U.S from Miners Haven, but idc.. - Destructive_Death

The Sky World Edit

In 'Hell' ores will spawn that can only be found there (2,000m). When you have collected enough of these you can 'overload' the teleport at you base, causing you to launch up into the air onto a massive cloud in the sky. This will act like another public mine but the stone up there is SO HARD that you need to create a Hellstone Pickaxe just to start mining. There are more pickaxes up there that are far more powerful than Azure, Moonstone etc. that ores can ONLY be found in the Sky World mine. There are also more items you can craft, such as stronger torches and items that give you an advantages (Balloon that lets you jump higher and descend slower) The top of the Sky Mine is -2,000m. The bottom is -1m. Mining below this will make you fall back down to the regular mine. ~KJB

The Center Edit

At the bottom of Hell there is Demonite, a hellish stone that takes FOREVER to mine. It is only a layer tall and mining though it will greet with the Core, a massive ball that has magma, hellstone and valuable ores in its center. The only problem with this is that for every block mined off the core the faster the mine goes to CRITICAL! Reaching the center before the mine collapses will grant you The Center, an ore that proves that your worthy of the miner title. ~KJB

The Orange Stone Zone Edit

This 9th layer will be really hard to get to as it would be from 5-7K depth and would house a new ore called Atomium that would give 500K xp and would be as hard as ambrosia but remember no optimal depth extends to 5k so the ore would be very hard to mine regardless, this is why the power of the pickaxe is 16. Below this would be the eternal darkness read below.

The Eternal Darkness Edit

The eternal darkness the 10th and final layer of the mine beginning from 7000 and ending at 9166 (death limit). It would house an ore called eternal depression that has the same amount of xp as ambrosia but it takes as long to mine as azure. The power of this pickaxe would be 20 as the ore is VERY hard to mine because you are going below your depth. When you get to 9000 meters and mine a block the game will say IT'S OVER 9000!

The Satan World Edit

You can upgrade your teleporter array with 100 Demonite worth. In the hell world, there is hellstone and it's ores only.

+Hell World, Teleporter allows you to go down 2,000 feet to Hell ~KJB

The Underwater World Edit

You can upgrade your teleporter array again but it's very expensive. in The Underwater World if you go into the mine you will see water when you mine a block, the stone is bright blue. you will be able to swim in it. when you go into the water you will have an oxygen bar and a pressure bar. you will have more max oxygen and more max pressure when you rank up. In this world there only special ores that not found in the normal world. also torches wont work here just special torches. - minecraft karaja

The Granite Level Edit

Goes from -200 to -599 and has granite which takes slightly more longer to mine, as well as all the other ores that spawn there (ruby, sapphire, gold, diamond, iron, coal). Shinestone will also spawn at this height but is very rare. -Typical2013Noob

The Basalt Level Edit

Goes from -600 to -999. Slower than Granite. (AarexWikia04 - RBLX Name: Aarex 2104)

Rad-iation Zone (pun intended) Edit

From 1980 to 1999, Radioactive ores will be incredibly common such as uranium, plutonium, mercurnite, and Neptunium, possibly bedrock) The stone will turn green or purple at random times and a techno theme would play. -Typical2013Noob

The Space Level Edit

This is the most powerful level we ever mine. You can upgrade the teleporter base with 100 Neptunium. Alien ores are found here. (AarexWikia04 - RBLX Name: Aarex 2104)

In the space level there is oxygen bar like in the underwater world.

"Ambrosia Zone" Edit

Starts at 4000, goes down to 5833 and beyond. A new ore could spawn here, probably worth 300K XP or something, but the main gimmick is that ambrosia gets more and more common the deeper you are. at 5833 (Lowest survivable depth) The chance for ambrosia would be about 1/2,000 instead of 1/1,000,000. The stone here is a bright tan-orange color.

Haven Ruins Edit

An unusual cave found at coordinates 6,10,2015. It appears to have rusted mines, what appears to be an ancient relic known as the Morning Star, and several mega ores, ores that the mine parents have been destroyed by the tectonic plates of... "what is this place called? ...Miners Haven..?" -Typical2013Noob

N.O.V.A Edit

A land that is witnessed by those who mine the C.O.R.E. Once mined by the special lucky fellow who found it, one will be teleported to another dimension in which there is no stone, no land, nothing. There appears to be a blue machine with the C.O.R.E inside of it. Scientists have speculated this is related to a legendary device... Once mined, the dimension collapses and the mine resets due to the immense pressure it releases, almost as powerful as a Nova.

The Black Hole Edit

This goes along with anybody having a space age game mechanic. In space, you have a less than 1% chance to encounter a black hole. Your sight in space is very narrow and only sees things about 100 meters around you, therefore, as soon as you have sight of the black hole it immediately begins to pull you in. There are three layers of the Black Hole. The outer event horizon, inner event horizon, and Singularity. The outer event horizon has never before seen exotic ores. Compared to the inner event horizon, however, those ores are sub-par. The inner event horizon houses insane ores of crazy values and EXP. Compared to the Singularity, the event horizon won't ever lay a toe on the steps to its kingdom. The Singularity is said to host infinite gravity and great power. This is why you have had to scavenge the ores of the whole universe to create the second strongest device in this whole universe to explore this zone and survive in such unbelievable conditions. This device is called the Trinity. This layer will have very poor, Robloxia- common ores at first, but then you reach the core of it. The Singularity Core. Mining it takes eons, which is where the Trinity comes into play. Allowing the Singularity Core to absorb the Trinity, it only takes one Robloxian hour now. After mining it you will be rewarded with values and EXP almost on par with the gods (hint, hint). You will also obtain your Trinity device back and the forgotten, forbidden last material in the whole universe, the Singularity Key. -Krazy/kraz ZEUS

Heaven Edit

In the place of the block where you mined the Singularity Key rests a softly glowing gate. You can hear the voices of serene angels. You try to use the Singularity Key on this holy crypt, but it doesn't work. Combining the Trinity device and the Singularity Key creates the strongest device in this whole universe; the Singularity Trinity. It unlocks Heaven's Gate and inside rests the gods. Beings of ultimate power that created the universe itself. Inside here are ores that have the value and EXP of the universe. From what the gods say, they are not the creators of Everything. There is an even higher power that created them and Everything. They say they cannot access the realm of this all-powerful being because they do not have the power and fate you radiate and cannot take it from you. Therefore, you have to pass a trial with each of them, extremely grueling trials. After you finish these trials, you get teleported into a secluded mine in the middle of nowhere: the Void. You must mine, and mine until you find a certain, almost impossible to find, ore. You have a 0.1% chance of finding it, and it holds the power of all the gods. It is the Gods' Power. Using this and combining it with your Singularity Trinity device, you create the Holy Trinity: a device so powerful, it apparently exceeds the power of the universe. As you combine them and create the Holy Trinity, you are then teleported to a broken wooden door.

The Realm of Everything Edit

As you fall the dimness slowly turns darker and darker into the Void, no, the SuperVoid. The darkness envelops you. The most terrifying noises you will ever hear echo across Nothingness. That's when the darkness changes into a haze of colors, then a rainbow with an extremely loud buzzing kind of sound. The sound you hear in your ear when everything is silent; amplified by infinity. You feel an overpowering aura. You land, and when you come to you see Him. The all-powerful. God himself. His aura cannot be defined in power value. It is just power itself. It is the origin of power. It is the definition of power. He stares you in the eye, and looks amused. He knows you are the Chosen One. He teleports you to in front of something not visible to the Robloxian's eye. Something so powerful no one can see it. Though you can feel the overpowering aura of it and decide to mine it. You finish at the End of Time. The new item in your inventory. It's God's Might. You teleport back to the throne of God himself and he doesn't say a word. Just looks deep into your eyes. A mystical force, not our own, moves your body freely now and combines God's Might with the Holy Trinity and the product is God's Everything Trinity device. God controls you now. This device is stronger than everything in the entire omniverse. It allows you to freely travel wherever you want. You look up from the device and you see than God is not at his throne. You get the urge to sit on it. Then you realize that you have become God itself. -KrazyZeus/krazyZEUS *THIS AND THE TWO OTHER PARAGRAPHS ABOVE ARE MADE FOR FUN. IT SOMEHOW BECAME MORE OF A SECOND PERSON PERSPECTIVE STORY*

Mount Tartarus (But the place itself will be called Depths of Tartarus) Edit

So in this mechanic, you need to kinda "fly" into the location (with a map of sorts) then it'd take you infront of Mount Tartarus (real life location). And in greek myth, It is UNDER Underworld (Hades' Place). Maybe around 3-4k below and. you'd have to mine under mount tartarus, so first you have to go to the base of the mountain then go straight down (and the rocks would be hard to dig). In there should be dangers and tons of op stuff (assuming that it's a place where you would take dozens of hours to reach). And you'd need a map so... yeah you have to get the map as well and it'd be a bit hard to get. As for specific stuffs in the depths itself, I dont know.

"Frost" Edit

"Frost" is a layer below -3500. The stone changes to ice, and it has special and valuable ores there. It takes quite long to mine ice, however with powerful pickaxes you can mine very quickly here. This large layer (-3500 to -5000) is a hint to the oncoming Void.

"Void" Edit

The Void is the sixth and final layer of the mines. It is mostly an open area, consisting of caves almost everywhere. It goes from -5000 to -10000, then you will die below that. It has special and game breaking ores that can be used to travel into the Sky.

"Sky" Edit

The Sky is an area above the normal mines. To get here, you will have to make a jetpack, using 20 Titanium (void ore), 100 azure, 22 illuminunium, and 1000 blazite (hell ore). You can now travel to the sky, and 1000 blocks up, you will be stopped. You can now mine above here, and the depth will start readng "-1 m" and so on. This area has layers, a expected. Some rare ores can be found up here, such as Neon. As you mine the top, you will find the Voudm.

"Voudm" Edit

This layer is the void layer and sky layer combined. You will find this above 1000m going up to 5000m.

The Recruitment Center Edit

A vaktovian-inspired dimension, created by going 2500m underground, and placing an Astrochemical Portal next to a Baryte Ore. Made up of Coal, Ruby, Painite, Rainbonite, Kappite, Illuminumium, Veitmyanite, and Vaktovium.

Interstellar ZoneEdit

Past the Voudm is the interstellar zone, a place were you can only get to by creating the Ultium Gem, used by merging 10 of every ore in the game + 500uC. The Interstellar zone holds Galaxite, Neptunium, Sol, Asteroilite, Twilikaragocium, and Ice. Goes from 5001 - 9999m.

Another DimensionEdit

Going even beyond lies Another Dimension. You will only be able to pass it using the N.O.V.A. Within it lies only Asteroilite, however there is a 4% chance to find Dimentium (which is based off the Super Paper Mario character) within it.

The Galaxy Edit

When you reach Overlord rank you will be able to build a spaceship from many materials (Ex: hull is amethyst, engine is gold...). when you travel into space you will see a lot of planets and stars, you can travel to planets and mine on them, there are a lot of random generated planets with different stone color and ore values and caves and ore EXP. also alien ores can be found on planets.

Cooled core Edit

After mining core you will fine a stone called Cooled core (hints the name) you will also find frostite and once you mine 50 blocks in it which take a REALLY long time to mine you will find really rare ores including ambrosia and a ore Voidium a ore that can teleport you to another dimension when in inventory going through teleporter array to outside.

Astroplane Edit

After leveling up to Overlord and your teleporter array to level 5 and owning Ambrosia and voidium and combining them in the craft place to create Astro Portal it will appear in your base upon crafting and when you go through it you will be in the Astroplane which is like a mine but it has a black stone called Voidstone and under it 1000+ is Starstone it is a light stone and can make bright torches in the voidstone layers you can find more voidium, Gravitite which gives of a grey light and used to get back to the normal mine in the starstone layer you find rare ambrosia (slightly less rare ambrosia) Staryium which is sold for high gold and Timeium which is rare ore which gets you to the Time dimension.

Time Dimension Edit

In the time Dimension mining times can be sped up or slown down it will never tell you when it happens. the Stone is Timestone you can fine reversium which gets you back to the Astroplane, Tockite and Tickium are combined to make a clock which controls mining speeds FOR THAT PERSON but does not work anywhere else and Timite which combined with staryium makes Portal to Reality (PTR).

Through the PTR - Reality dimension Edit

Once you get here you imeatatly level up to Creator of Reality the stone is Fabric of reality and it looks like stone it has a ore that looks like opal that is portalium, and Realit, and has all ores from previous dimensions combing 5 Tockite, 5 Tickium, 1 Of each one the gets you to the previous dimension, 10 Staryium, 10 Timium, 40 cooled core, and a single ambrosia you will get a unactivated Portal? You activate it with Starstone.

 ??? - through the portal? Edit

Gold lines the 5x5 platform you stand on it is made up of ambrosia imbued Azure blocks as a God being stands before you, he gives you the name God of Dimensions and three special ores Ambrosia - The ore of gods 10 Azures - the ore of the mine and Skirite - A stone for a special place

The green cave Edit

spawns in the green rock (radioactive zone) and has trees made of rock and wild pixel kitties and puppies.You can tame a kitty or puppy the louder they bark or meow the closer a rare ore is though if they bark or meow really loud and hiss or bark aggressively a dangerous ore is nearby and the pets can mine ores 2 x as fast while mining the ore.a great substitute to the ray gun and mine whatever block you are mining with their pickaxe shaped paws.if you tame more than one puppy/kitty you can make a dog home. If you mine with 2 pets equipped at once you will walk slower and your pets will get damaged and if they lose all their health they respawn in a dog house/cat home if you have one build and if you don't have a dog house/cat home built the pets will respawn in the green cave and you will have to tame them again.the cave spawns by a glitched cave that is in the red stone area and green stone where newtonium spawns at a glitched depth because of that is possible for the green cave to have ambrosia spawn in it.ambrosia only spawns in it if ambrosia doesn't spawn anywhere else in the never know if there is ambrosia in the server.the ambrosia can be replaced with trollite if it doesnt spawn anywhere else

The Quantum Reality Edit

(Original idea by roblox user diamondminer2019)

The quantum reality would only be accessible to people with wizard rank or higher. To get there, you need to upgrade the teleporter to level 2 with 500 dragonglass, 150 painite, 25 azure, and 1 Ambrosia. After the upgrade, the teleporter will turn from blue to yellow.

Inside of the quantum reality is the normal mines but everything is a shade of purple or gray and the sky is jet black. In the quantum reality's mine is nothing but purple stone and the ultra rare ore of Xeronium (zee-ROWN-ium).

Lithosphere Edit

Top part of upper mantle. There is lot of magma blocks. Stone a bit liquid, and if you haven't got thermal suit you will slowly die. There are more heavy materials than in higher parts. It's between 3000 and 5000 meters below the surface.

Vopafal Edit

- Meowlakill (ROBLOX / Wikia)

To teleport here you need to mine the ore Arkcryden, which is mainly found in caves between 100m - 300m, otherwise specifically at 7m and 700m. After mining it, you have a 1/7 chance to teleport to Vopafal. It's always a tiny 7x7 cave but there's a 1/7 spawn rate of more Arkcryden there. If you mine the floor or walk off the side, you fall until you die because the outside is void and those are the only blocks there.

Alexnis Edit

A layer around 700m - 1000m is very hard but has new ores and ores that are rare are a bit common but it appers if you are kind and trading ores with Alex_Mazurevics. One new ore is alexum and it's common . Good exp and gives a small bit of ores you need later on.

Striking Down the Dimension Collar [aka. The Boss "dimension"] Edit

To get here, you need to get to "Alexnis", an ore called Spawnore will spawn at an X-axis randomly. Once you have destroyed it, you will teleport to the surface automatically. A truss leading to "Sky", an ore called "Sky Core" will appear, once you destroy it, a truss will appear to the "Voudm". Once you get to the "Voudm", a portal will appear since you have mined Spawnore. It spawns at a random X-axis. A glowing Memerock will be there, mine it and the portal will appear, going through the portal will teleport you to the "Interstellar Zone". Go REAALY out up Y-axis. You must get up to 9999m Y-axis. Instead of dying, a NEW truss will appear leading to the "Time Dimension". Get to the correct time to find another portal to the "Lithosphere". In the Lithosphere, you will find a different ore called "Upper Mantle Swapper". The ore will remove ALL of the "Lithosphere", and you will travel to the "Void". Get to -10000m, and go past it. You WON'T die. Instead, a black hole sucks you into the "Reality Dimension". Get the portal to work, then you will be transported to the Quantum Reality. After that, mine the new ore in it called "OrePortal". Once you mine it, a portal will spawn in a random X-axis. Find it, and you will be transported to "Vopafal", mine "Arkcryden", then a system chat will say "97865". Remember that 5-digit number. A black hole will be infront of you the next 7 seconds. Go into it and then you will go into "Astroplane". A system message says "He is near". Mine the "Gravitite" in the "Astroplane". You will be immideatly transported to the "Cooled Core". Go deep in the "Cooled Core". Inside will be the "Heated Core". Mine it, you will burn and die, but you will respawn in "The Galaxy". A new planet is created and a spaceship is near you. Once you get in a seat, it will travel one way to "Miners Haven". Once you approach it, instead of teleporting in it, you will start smashing into it until you get into "Frost". In "Frost", you will travel deeper into it. Go as deep as you can until -4000m. Travel around the X-axis a bit until you find "Frosted Teleporter". Mine it, then go in the teleporter. You will be transported to your base but something seems a bit.. off. Your teleporter array is glowing azure. Go in it and you will be transported to "Heaven". Go to god and talk to him. He will instead say 3 normal lines until.. he says "You need to get out of here, remember that 5-digit code? You need that. Now travel!" God will remind you of the code and will teleport you to "Mount Tartarus". Go around it's Y-axis and X-axis. Go to these coordinates. 3000, 900, 9.5. You will fall into a yellow block, then get into the "N.O.V.A.". You need to go to the 1999 X-axis. You will encounter an ore called the "Maniac's Desire". Mine it, you will teleport into the "Black Hole". You can instantly mine the singularity core. After that, you teleport to ALL the dimensions. Until you stop in "The Final Dimension..." In it, instead of doing it's normal stuff, gravity slams you into three glowing blocks. "The Glitch", "The King" and "The Core Itself". You need to mine "The Glitch" first. Your screen glitches like crazy. Next you mine "The King" and then you mine "The Core Itself". After that, you teleport into another game.. Called, "You think you're smart, aren't you..." There is text, it reads, "You think you're reaaal smart, right pal? Enter the five-digit code. _____." If you remember, you should type "97865". Anything else will result into teleporting to Azure Mines and you having to restart all over again. IF you type it correct, you teleport into "Azure Mines" but in an area called "The Boss". (the dimension name). You will meet up with "The God of Everything". He says stuff about you making it, then he asks to prove yourself worthy to fight him. If you select No, You die instantly, If you select Yes, you would be engaged in a fight. 10 ores called "Cores" will appear. You need to mine all of them to win. A system message says "Everyone's lives depends on you". He will launch loads of hard attacks at you. Every core takes 10 seconds to mine. If you take 50 seconds, he will teleport you to an easy obby. Mining all the cores means you defeat him. He will drop the "Instant Pick'" and he also drops 5 "Compainion Chests". He also drops "The Truth" ore. Once you mine it, you teleport to "The Truth". After that, you go to an area where everybody is celebrating except for you. You know what you did, he isn't really defeated. You teleport to "It's The End". You are holding the ray gun, you must shoot him until his health goes down, if he gets to half health, his attacks are 2x faster. If you die, you're progress is saved. After you defeat him, you win. He drops the REAL "Instant Pick'". He drops "Azure Mines' Game Core". Once you mine it, you level up to "Azure Miner", the last rank. You go back to Azure Mines with everything. You win. You have the "Very Rich" icon. You are finished. You have won. A system message says "An Azure Miner has joined the server!". -Phraktured999 This took 1 hour and 24 mins to take.. i understand if you hate it, i can take it. It's been long since i've eaten, so i'll go now. Cya'!

Alternate dimension Edit

This is actually another dimension based off of terraria and is seperated into 3 layers. The first layer and the second layer is seperated into 5 areas. The first area is colored green and has bee caves. The area has iron, copper, gold, adamantite, and platinum. The bee caves are zombie caves but the stone is yellow and there is a boss you can defeat. The boss drops 3 peices of moonstone. The second area is purple and has iron, copper, gold, adamantite, and platinum. It has random chasms everywhere that drops you down to The third area is blue and has iron, copper, gold, adamantite, and ice. It also has ice physics. The forth area is red and contains painite. The fifth area is regular and spawns regular ores. The first layer is 1-1500. The second layer is 1501-3000. In the deep green area, there is a temple with 1 ambrosia. Also Chlorophyte is very common there. from 3000-5833, there is hell ores, including painite and dragonglass. There are also chests that contain large amounts of hellstone. Stone is replaced with ash. Also, all areas merge into one. -ClickTheCircles


The quests will be listed one after another where you must complete the first quest to get to the second etc.

  1. Mine 10 Iron, 8 Copper and 6 Silver.
  2. Mine 15 Gold and get to the Professional rank.
  3. Mine 5000 Stone, 10 Amethyst, 7 Topaz and 1 Moonstone.
  4. Get to the Legend Rank.
  5. Mine 1 Moonstone, 2 Painite, 3 Azure, 4 Uranium, 5 Plutonium and 10 Dragonglass.
  6. Obtain the Dragonglass Pickaxe, Mine 30 Platinum, Obtain the Platinum Pickaxe and mine 1 Mithril.
  7. Have 99999 coins on hand and get to the Wizard rank.
  8. More coming soon

Ores Edit

Name Description Mining Time Rarity Depth Trivia
Corestone Common below 2000, used like copper, iron, and baryte. 15 seconds Common


300 seconds (5 minutes) Almost Impossible
Symmetrium A mysterious blue-ish ore, only one ore can be "Surfaced" at a time. Emits a blue light that is easily visible from a few metres away. The amount of experience it gives starts at 1000 XP, then gradually increases the longer it has been surfaced for, up to 10,000 XP. 30 Seconds Uncommon, however some may consider it to be rarer since only one ore can be "Surfaced" at a time 200m to 2999m Based off a type of mine in Miner's Haven
Trollite Looks like ambrosia, appears to give a million xp, but really, it only gives one xp and another stone randomly appears in your inventory 3 minutes Very rare Anywhere
Spawnore Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Mine this to unlock a new path. 30 Seconds
Sky Core Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Mine this to unlock a new path. 50 Seconds
Glowing Memerock (Striking the Dimension Collar) Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Mine this to unlock a new path. 30 Seconds
Upper Mantle Swapper Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Mine this to unlock a new path. 40 Seconds
OrePortal Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Mine this to unlock a new path. 20 Seconds
Heated Core Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Mine this to unlock a new path. 1 Minute
Maniac's Desire Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Mine this to unlock a new path. 30 Seconds
The Glitch Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Connects to the 3 Ores.
The King Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Connects to the 3 Ores.
The Core Itself (3 Ores) Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Connects to the 3 Ores.
Boss Cores (Striking the Dimension Collar) Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". Cores of the Fake Final boss.
Azure Mines' Game Core Only appears in "Striking the Dimension Collar". The end ore until the game finishes.
Kryptonite (Event ore) A special ore for a special event. Has a vibrant yet mysterious green colour and is required for an event quest. 12.3 Rare (Underground), Semi-Common (Surface) Anywhere Only for an event
Berezite 33.6


Uncommon 1500 References Miners Haven and the creator of the game.
Rambonite 93.2


Beta 20,000 Known for it's low mining time when using a pickaxe that's breaking it's supposed limit.

Was only available during beta.

Arceite 15.2


Universally Rare 165,000 The "Arc" can possibly reference Arceus in it's name.

Known for its VERY LONG time with a supposed limited pickaxe.


(Original idea by ROBLOX user diamondminer2019)

Bismuth is a real life metalic crystal. It would be used to craft the bismuth pickaxe and would be an additional material in crafting the xeronium (another of my ideas) picaxe. It would spawn from layer 1800 to layer 2160. The image for bismuth (in the inventory) would be that of real life bismuth but pixelized. It would take 50 seconds by default to mine. Bismuth would have a rarity of "uncommon".
Jade 9.7 (7.9 If you got a good pickaxe.) Rare 750+ Just a real ore. Found beetween 700m and 1500m Deep.
Quartz 11.2 (good Pickaxe) Rare 1000+ Another Real Ore. Found Beetween 0m and 2000m Deep.
Onyx 15.0. (13.3 if good pickaxe) Rare  3500+ And Another Real Ore! Found Beetween 1900m and 5000m Deep
Ancosium 13.4 sec (10.2 with great pickaxe) Uncommon 450 Can be found in 300 - 1000m, with sparkles to be found easily.
Flamborium 31.7 (25.1 with great pick) Rare 600 It brightens up the surroundings and can be found anywhere.
Corabium 1 minute (50 sec with good pick) Secret 100000 It can only be found outside the map, respawns every 2 minutes.
hello hello, i am here to give ideas for the awesome game AZURE MINES!!!!!!!!. i don't mind if you don't like all of my ideas i just hope you get some of my idea it would be nice if you did get all of my ideas. these ideas are real ore, minerals , and elements.



*there will be a 50% chance radium will let a deadly and toxic gas named radon and it will reach a 3 block radius so be careful

*this orange rock from the periodic table is found 100-50m below surface

*takes 30 seconds to mine with a stone pick and will give you 500 exp

*to make radium pick you'll need 150 radium and it will be 2x stronger than opal pick



*a radioactive element of the periodic table like uranium and plutonium

*this element is silvery and found next to uranium or plutonium

*it take 80 seconds to mine it with a stone pick and will give you 3555 exp

*to make neptunium pick you'll need 250 neptunium and it will be 2x stronger than a uranium pick



*a rock forming mineral

*this grayish pink mineral is found 1200-600m below surface

*this will take 300 seconds to mine with a stone pick and will give you 5000 exp

*to make corundum pick you'll need 555 corundum and it will be 4x stronger than a amethyst pick



*an oxide mineral composed of copper

*this bright red mineral will be found not far from copper

*this will take 2x longer to mine than copper and will give you 2017 exp

*to make a cuprite pick you'll need 400 cuprite this will be 4x stronger than a copper pick if there is a copper pick



*a copper iron sulfide mineral

*this bright gold looking mineral will be found also next to copper

*this will take the same amount of time to mine cuprite and will give you 3000 exp

*to make chalcopyrite pick you'll need 400 chalcopyrite this will be 5x stronger than a copper pick



*this mineral lies the secret of the earth

*this blue mineral will be found anywhere

*it will take 250 seconds to mine with a stone pick and will give you 10,000

*to make zircon pick you'll need 700 zircon and the pick will be 2 times stronger than a dragon glass pick


this game also needs to add crafting alloys like bronze, brass, pewter, and steel to use


i hope you liked my nine year old ideas for the game also i sended you a friend request (i talk to you creator of azure mines) all these ideas where from the nine year old HYPERNOVAgaming13xx pls take all my ideas if you wanna comment do it on the next box i really wish i could give you more ideas but i really wanna play azure mines i put hard work on these ideas hope you like all (:

50000 This is Sunstone...(Found at 2000m Deep and JUST at 2000m Deep)
Citrine Citrine spawns at 522-750m. It takes 50s to mine and gives 9055 xp. No pick is available for this ore. It is somewhat rare. -bluegelplayz114   
Keannynium This mineral is SUPER RARE. It can be found between -1000 and -2000. It emits red light. Takes three times as long as serendibite to be mined. Gives 88888 XP while mined. Keannynium pickaxe (made from 50 keannynium, 60 uranium and 888 coal) has infinite power and range, but its delay is ridiculously long. (5 sec.) - keanwei01 (roblox account name)
Astatine This ore is LEGENDARY. It could be found in the Void (read section Layers). If on contact, the player will die. Emits black light. Mining time is random (from 1 sec. to 100 sec. ). Player gets 9,999,999XP then die when mined. there will be no such thing as astatine pickaxe cuz this ore is so radioactive that it could self-vapourize. - keanwei01 (still the same)
Knawledge: Found below -1000.  Spawns extremely rare.  Gives 123456 XP, can be used to upgrade Data and Analysis. -iOmegaAzure   
** Lucky ore: Can only be found at 777m. Gives 77777 XP when mined. Also has a 7% chance to give you 777777 XP.
* Cobalt (A bit stronger than uranium but not as strong as azure.It should spawn from -1100 to -1500 and the pickaxe should have a speed of 3.75,delay of 1.9 and a range of 5.5.Its pickaxe materials should be 20 cobalt,5 diamond and 97 coal,if this is added then thank you all.)- Jeffrey21
* Adamantite (Referencing off the game Terraria, this deep dark red ore should spawn at 1600-2000. It would have a pickaxe recipe of 25 adamantite and 15 emerald to make it different to the other ones. it`s speed could be 6.5, a range of 7.5 and a delay of 1.5. it should be extremely hard to mine as this is a very hard material in Terraria. it`s XP given when mined should be atleast something like 75000.)- Jeffrey21
* Abyssium (Spawns incredible deep, with a depth below 2000m, the pick would be like an upgrade to gold, focusing on speed but weak in everything else. Sprites at bottom of page)
* Peridot (Spawns around the sapphire and ruby range. It does not have a pick is crafted from it. Sprites at bottom of page)
* Jeremejevite - (According to sources, this is a real life gemstone that is perhaps one of the rarest gems in the world. So, this will be one of the rarest gems in the mines. Assuming we pretend that Opal is a "Black Opal" [the rarest type of opal], it should be rarer than Opal. It could spawn from 1m to 10m, or alternatively, 1400m to 2000m. It should not have a pickaxe, as it is fragile, so it should be a huge reward of XP and an ore to show off. Maybe it could be included in other pickaxe recipes. Picture of one at the bottom.)
* Voidite (Spawns Insanely deep around -2750 should be uncommon and when in a 3x3x3 radius it will slowly dim any lights and once dark will sap your life until you die ((If there is another layer added into the game it should be added there since the Hellstone area emits light everywhere)) this ore can be broken very fast or instantly. The ore should emit purple light but be completely black in color.) i don't have a wiki account so here is my player name.
* Red/Blue/Green crystals, when added to pick they give it a glow. It could be used on lanterns too.
* Bloodcrystal (Somewhat rare ore in the 2050-2450 range. Will be about as rare as illuminunium. Mining one has a 10% chance to kill the miner but also award 3 of the ore at the same time. Sprites at bottom of page)
* Dr Berzium - A ore that makes you have a seizure and have your screen go fuzzy when you mine it. Same effects as Dr Berza from Miner's Haven. You then recieve a ore named Dr Berzium!
* Atomium - Referencing Miner's Haven, Atomium is a neon bright blue ore that spawns between depths of 445 - 2255 and is recommended to be mined with a Uranium pickaxe with a level 2 Data & Analysis building. It is very difficult to find this ore and can be confused with Shapphire.
* Newtonium- Reference from Miner's Haven. It would spawn at any elevation randomly and twice as hard to mine as Serendibite, but it gives 100k EXP and gets more common at around -2000
* Secraficiut - Can be found under 2000, when mined gives 75K EXP, its rare, can be crafted to a pick with very fast mining speed and tiny delay but when you mine a block you will get a little damaged '''[((('''If you want to know what will happen here then first read in the '''Misc. Ideas''' the '''Combat Update)))] '''the same is for swords, very high damage but when you hit you will get a little damaged. - minecraftkiraja
* Thaunikum - Can be found under 1000, when mined it will give 15K EXP, its purple and black, '''[((('''If you want to know what will happen here then first read in the '''Misc. Ideas''' the '''Combat Update)))] '''you can craft from it a poisonous sword and poison protect armor. - minecraftkiraja
* Ignite - Found in the extreme depths (-2100), 1.25x commoner than [[Painite]]. Gives you 66666XP. The name is created by flames in Latin language, combined with -ite to turn into material.
* Deathiut - Can be found under 2000, when mined its give 100K EXP, its red and black, you cant craft from that a pick '''[((('''If you want to know what will happen here then first read in the '''Misc. Ideas''' the '''Combat Update)))] '''but you can craft from that a sword that have a 10% chance to insta kill enemies and a 25% chance to aply bleed on enemies. - minecraftkiraja
* Noobite - Found at 1337 (like epicface). If you mine it, it will give you 33333 xp. It's uncommon. - catnoo
* Amber - Found at some caves from under 50m, and if you mine it, you will get 1000 xp. It's uncommon. - catnoo
* Mithium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))]''' It can be very rare in the normal world but in the '''next dimension''' it's 5 times more common, when mined it give 25K EXP - minecraftkiraja
* Mitohoium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))] '''It can't be found in the normal world, just in the '''next dimension, '''it's rare, when mined, it gives 30K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Mithicilium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))] '''It can't be found in the normal world but you can find it in the '''next dimension'''. it's very rare, when mined it gives 40K EXP - minecraftkiraja
* Mituhiltium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))] '''This can only be found in the '''next dimension, '''it's super rare, when mined it gives 65K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Mithulithiumium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))] '''This can only be found in the '''next dimension''', it's super super rare, when mined, it gives 100K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Pericilium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))] '''This is very rare in the normal world but in the '''next dimension '''it's common, when mined it gives 15K EXP. you can craft a pickaxe that is slow in the normal world but very fast in the '''next dimension.''' - minecraftkiraja
* Glacieite - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))] '''Found in the '''next dimension''' only, but found common under 500m deep. It gives you 75K EXP. The name is created by ice in Latin language, combined with -ite to turn into material.
* Tenebrite - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Hell)))]''' Found in the Lavastone layer, rare as Ignite in "'''Hell'''". Gives you 135K EXP. The name is created by dark in Latin language, combined with -ite to turn into material.
* Caeluium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Sky World)))] '''Found in the '''Sky World''', common as Coal in "'''Hell'''". Gives you 10000 EXP. The name is created by sky in Latin language, combined with -ium to turn into material.
* Moituhiuminitiumium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))] '''This is a '''SUPER ULTRA RARE '''ore that can only be found in the '''next dimension, '''when mined, it gives 200K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Moutahuitomiuthiomunhitoium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))] '''This is '''GIGA ULTRA SUPER HYPER MEGA RARE, '''only in '''next dimension'''. when mined, it gives 500K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Moliduzium - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Next Dimension)))] '''This can only be found in the '''next dimension, '''it's a little rare, when mined it give 40K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Iridium - Can be found in the normal world but in other dimensions ther are more. on the normal world its '''GIGA ULTRA SUPER HYPER MEGA RARE. '''When mined, it gives 300K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Satanite - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Hell)))] '''Found in "'''Hell'''" around 2,000m. Rarer than Uranium, but is more common deeper down. Needed to reach the '''Sky World'''.~KJB 
* Magma - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Hell)))] '''Found in "'''Hell'''". Commonly found with Hellstone. Causes damage when touched.~KJB 
* Tortured Soul - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Hell)))]''' Rarer than Azure, can only be found in "'''Hell'''" and is mined at a fast rate.~KJB 
* Demonite - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Hell)))] '''Deep in the depths of "'''Hell'''" the floor turns to Demonite, a super strong block to keep players from reaching The Core. Mining this is like mining Azure with a Stone Pickaxe. ~KJB 
* Skyum - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Sky World)))] '''Only in the '''sky world. '''when mined, it gives 50K EXP. If you make a pickaxe from it, it will mine faster in '''sky world. - '''minecraftkiraja
* Skyidum - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers '''the '''Sky World)))] '''This is a better version of skyum. Only in the '''sky world. '''when mined give 75K EXP. If you make a pickaxe from it, it will mine faster in the '''sky world. - '''minecraftkiraja
* Subziut - '''[((('''first read in the '''Layers''' the''' Sky World)))]''''' ''Only in the '''sky world.'' '''''when mined, it gives 50K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Yklunxun- (pronounced Yik-lun-zun) A material with highly unknown properties, Yklunxun is a material that is theorized to be quite random, choosing, at the mine`s reset, its rarity, from 1 to 100. It gives 5-25K EXP depending on its rarity, and gives between 1 and 3 Yklunxun when mined, depending on its rarity. Scientists think Yklunxun spawns at about -1500 to -1700.
* Altumium - Found between -666 to -666 depths. It has a 1/3 chance to spawn, and it gives you 200K XP. The name is created by deep in Latin language, combined with -ium to turn into material.


Devilstone would be a collectable ore incredibly simmiler to kappa because it only spawns at a specific coordinate. Other than being a cool thing to collect it would have no practical applications. (Original idea by ROBLOX user diamondminer2019)

  Devilstone would take 66 seconds to mine and only one spawns per mine at the coordinate 666 666 666.


Ametrine is a real life gemstone that forms when amethyst and citrine from next to eachother. That  logic is what makes this ore unique because it would spawn when amethyst and citrine (another of my ideas) spawn next to eachother, converting them both into ametrine. (Original idea by ROBLOX user diamondminer2019)

  Ametrine would have a mining speed that of amethyst and a rarity of N/A due to its unique way of spawning.
Trinitite Found only near boomite, trinitite is a relatively rare ore with a dull green color. - demonin


Citrine is a real life gemstone. It could be used to upgrade data and analysis for a higher optimal depth. (Original idea by ROBLOX user diamondminer2019)   Citrine would have a mining speed of 2x slower than amethyst and a rarity of that of amethyst.
* Prankium - It looks like azure, it appears to an player that it gives 100k XP, it's very rare, but really it gives 1 XP.   
* Anglium - The Holy ore from above descend to the mortal world to be mined, giving a massive XP boost. Rare, found at -1,300m ~KJB
* Flyite - Found at -1m, like Demonite, but alot weaker and destorying it will make you fall down onto the Azure Mine. ~KJBitch
* Berezaract- Sent by Lord Bereza himself, this ore spawns very rarely around -200m, making it the rarest ore in. ~KJBitch
* Gem of Godly - The rare gem from '''sky world'''. if you mined it, it gives 100k EXP '''(READ THE SKY WORLD READ IN THE LAYER THE SKY WORLD)'''. -catnoob
* Voidlfy - Found them at 2006-2009 depths. mined will gives 123k exp it's common -catnoo
* Ultimateium - its the ultimate ore, you can craft from it the ultimate pickaxe, mining speed:8 , delay:0.1, range:12. - minecraftkiraja
* Adurite - Found at then at 123 depths Mined will gives 7k xp And can craft Adurite pickaxe Mining speed:5 ,delay 0.4, range:9 - catnoob
* Carbon - An New <span style="font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;line-height:22px;">Recipe For some New pickaxes. Found them at Caves from under 70m Mined Will gives 200xp </span><span style="font-weight:normal;">- catnoob</span>
* zudium - this is not an overpowered ore, it found at 600 - 1999, when mined gives 1k EXP, its get more common deeper, its black and blue.- minecraftkiraja
* EXPium - this ore is jut for exp, its rare and give a good amount of EXP. but this ore has a special ability: if you mine it when your rank is low you will get low amount of EXP, if your rank is high you will get a big amout of EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* gildium - this is like an better version of gold found under 2000, when mined gives 15K EXP, it has a pickaxe that only focus on speed. speed:7.5 delay:0.65 range:2.5 - minecraftkiraja,
* oozium - this is a rare purple ore that found between 1000-2000, this ore emits light, you can make from it oozium torch that is not emit light between 1-999 and under 2000, but its a massive light source between 1000-2000, when mined gives20K EXP - minecraftkiraja
* freeziut - this ore can be found from 1000 - 1500, when you walk close to this ore you will be slowed and if you walk even closer you will freeze. its very hard to mine and its little common. when mined gives 15K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* azurium - its like azure its rare and hard to mine, but it can only found in the '''next dimension. '''in the '''next dimension '''ores are really really hard to mine. when azurium mined gives 40K EXP '''(FOR MORE INFORMATION READ IN THE LAYERS THE NEXT DIMENSION)'''
* Laserium - It's neon texture found in all dimensions and it's rarest in the normal.
* slumium - its a green slime ore that can found between 1-1999 its a little rare, its very easy to mine and the pickaxe from it have 1.5 speed, and 0.04 delay, and 2.5 range. its focusing on the delay. - minecraftkiraja
* paintiute - this is an upgraded version of painite (and we know that painite is just for huge amouts of exp) that can only found in the '''next dimension''', its a lot harder to mine than normal painite. when mined gives 80K EXP. we need to get thoos bad ass high ranks somehow. '''(FOR MORE INFORMATION READ IN THE LAYERS THE NEXT DIMENSION) '''- minecraftkiraja
* watercoal - this is like the coal in the '''under water world, '''you can make from it a water torch that can only light in the '''under water world, '''when mined gives 1K EXP. '''(FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE UNDER WATER READ IN LAYERS THE UNDER WATER WORLD)''' - minecraftkiraja
* Granite - Pinkish abundant stone that spawns from -200 to -599, makes mining deep more fun because the song that plays there is personally my favorite. -Typical2013Noob
* Shinestone - A rare ore only found at -200 to -599, and is used for upgrading the marketplace. Xp is 10000.-Typical2013Noob
* Neptunium - Blue ore that spawns in the '''Rad-iation Zone.''' Is used for upgrading storage and gives 7000 exp. -Typical2013Noob
* Mercurium - Purpleish ore that only spawns near Azure in the '''Rad-iation Zone.''' Is used for upgrading the mining operations and gives 2K Exp (Due to being near azure) - Typical2013Noob
* Bedrock ('''NOTE, ITS NOT LIKE MINECRAFT BEDROCK SO DONT BE HATING) '''is semi-abundant stone that spawns at -1999. Is pretty quick to mine and gives 666 exp (because its your ticket to hell)
* iridium - this is a real world material, (its the rarest on earth so make it very rare) this material can only found in the normal world, you can make from it a pick with speed:5 delay:0.17 range:5 - minecraftkiraja
* waterpainite - found in the depths of the '''water world '''(-2000)'''.''' '''its just for EXP''', its a little common and '''you cant mine it until your rank is master or higher''' to stop newbies getting huge amount of EXP, when mined gives 100K EXP (we need to get to wizard rank somehow) '''(FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE WATER WORLD READ IN LAYERS THE WATER WORLD) '''- minecraftkiraja
* platinum - this is a real world metarial, its very rare, found between 600-1999, its REALLY HARD to mine, when mined gives 5K EXP, you can make a platinum pickaxe taht have a speed of 5.5 and delay of 0.20 and a range of 4.5.- minecraftkiraja
* quartc - its a white ore that found under 2000, is cummon, '''its just for EXP''' and its easy to mine and give 10000 EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Aarexorite - Found in (X: 21,Z:4) and it's rare as you get 2104 XP.
* Krizoberill - this is a real life gem. its a gem that spawns between 1000-2000, its a little rare, when mined gives 7500 EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* alexandrite - its a real life gem. its like an upgraded version of amethist its can spawn in 1-2000, in sunlight its green, in lamp light its red. when mined gives 15K EXP ITS VERY RARE. you can craft from it a pick taht has 6.5 speed, 0.17 delay, 2.5 range. - minecraftkiraja
* grandidierite - a blue-green mineral rarer than plutonium but not as rare as azure, found between 800 and 1800 meters. - demonin
* AQUAMARINE - its a real life gem, its bright blue, found between 1000-2000 and when mined gives 20K EXP. its for upgrading base, its rare but in the '''under water world '''its cummon '''(FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE UNDER WATER WORLD READ IN LAYER THE UNDER WATER WORLD).''' - minecraftkiraja
* TOURMALINE - its a real life gem, its have meany colors (like a ranbow), its found between 1 - 600, when mined gives 5K EXP, its not that rare. its for upgrading the base. - minecraftkiraja
* ROSE QUARTZ - this is a real life gem, its pink, found under 1, its very rare, its more common deeper. when mined gives 10K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* FANCY COLOR DIAMOND - this is real in the real world, its found under 1, its VERY VERY RARE, you can craft a pick that has the same stats as diamond pickaxe, but emits light and gives 30% more EXP. when mined gives 25K EXP. - minecraftkiraja
* Fire Crystal - Found in -2000 in the '''Satan world'''. Gives you 100k EXP and spawn as VERY VERY RARE. '''(NOT''' minecraftkiraja''') (for more info about the satan world read in layers the satan world)'''
* iteium - the worst name an ore can have, its found beteen 1000-2000, when moned gives 10K EXP.


(Original idea by ROBLOX user diamondminer2019)

Reference to the games name. Spawns anywhere but is more common deeper down. Rareity of "rare"  1minute minus the used pickaxe tier number. That number is then converted into seconds. Takes 10 seconds if mined with an azure pickaxe. 


(A completely original idea by ROBLOX user diamondminer2019)

(zee-ROWN-ium) Only spawns in the quantum reality. Can be used to create the xeronium pickaxe which is the best pickaxe in the game in all three stats. Rarity of "Ultra Rare". Mining speed of 30 seconds. 15 Seconds if mined by a dragon glass pickaxe.  
* Locusium - Found in the Space level and it's rare as Rainbonite.   
* Tanzanite - Rare ore found on Mount Kilimanjaro in real life. Found randomly between 1-1500. Gives 50,000 experience and can be made into a pickaxe. Can be mined fairly quickly. Pickaxe has 5 speed, 0.2 cooldown, 5 range.
* Water Diamond - (First read in '''Layers''' the '''Under Water World''') Only found in the U'''nder Water World'''. Takes 30 seconds to mine if you are a Master with Azure Pickaxe. It's rare, and it's found at 500m to 2000m below surface. Gives 20K EXP when mined. - Haveorc
* red beryl - very slightly rarer than azure, making it one of the rarest ores in the game. a glowing red color, it is found between 1500 and 2000 maters. - demonin
* Osmium - A real life material, found at 600m to 2000m below surface. Gives 25K EXP when mined, and is a rare ore, too. You can't mine it until your rank is Expert or higher. It's also hard to mine. - Haveorc
* Superium - Found in the '''Water World'''. Gives you 100K EXP as rare chance.
* L33tium - Only found at 1337m below surface. Gives 133700 EXP when mined, and it is very rare. However, it takes as long as [[Azure|azure]] to mine. - Haveorc
* Iumite - Another worst name an ore can have, found at 800m to 2000m below surface, it is very rare, and when it is mined, it gives 25K EXP. - Haveorc
* Bismhemothium - Large ore that comes from buried bismuth mines.Can only be found in the '''Haven Ruins''', and gives 10K exp, but is very rare and takes about a minute to mine. Can be broken into 3 bismuth. -Typical2013Noob
* Megapainitium - Large ore that comes from buried Painite mines. Found in the Haven Ruins gives 80K exp. Can be broken into 2 painite. -Typical2013Noob
* Supesilvinium - Large ore that comes from buried Silver Mines. Can be found in the '''Haven Ruins'''. Gives 7.5K exp and has the same rarity as Uranium. Can be broken into 10 silver. -Typical2013Noob
* Megalomanium - Distinctive ore that will most certainly give you a "BAD TIME" trying to find it. Gives 49K "execution points" as you mine it, but shakes the camera angle in all 4 directions when you try to. Takes 3 minutes to mine so be prepared to have a bad time with this. Found in the''' Haven Ruins'''. -Typical2013Noob
* C.O.R.E - Found at -2167. Is said to have been the very material that formed the entire Milky Way Galaxy. It is sensitive to alloys, so you must use a stone pickaxe to mine it. Gives 10 to 100K exp if mined, but it is '''''SO''''' rare, that it would take about 4 hours just to find 1 piece of it. It teleports you to '''N.O.V.A''', an unknown place and resets the mine when mined in there. ''M'''ore  information in the level description.''''' - Typical2013Noob
* Palladium - Found at 46-1803 depth it is a medium-rare chemical element that forms a white, lustrous precious ore that takes a medium to high amount of time to mine and when mined it gives you 1803 EXP. - KrazyZeus/krazyZEUS
* Kryptonite - An extremely rare ore that glows so bright green that it can deprive people of sight. This was brought to the deep mines of Robloxia when a chunk of Krypton that was blasted off the planet in space turned into a meteor and smashed into the world of ROBLOX. This ore is found at 579-7866 depth even though it is so rare. It takes 1.5x an azure ore's mining time to mine, and gives 5790-78660 EXP. 10% chance to give you something way more powerful... (may add clarity to this later on) - KrazyZeus/krazyZEUS
* dungeon wall - this stone is 5 times harder to mine than stone if its on light gray level, 15x if dark grey, 25x if blue, 50x if red. this stone is the protectors of '''<u>dungeons from the combat update,</u>''' This will make possible to mine serendibite without being killed
* Charaite - Name inspired by Undertale, it is green and cream colored gives 13666 xp, it is fairly rare and found under 250 up to 666. ~ Okami_Oppop
* Guestium - An extremely common on cave when under 69, the color is based off guest's skin mined will gives 133337 xp - catnoo
* pyrite - known as fool's gold, it looks exactly like gold (or almost exactly) and is found in the same areas in slightly less quantities. however, it doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever. - demonin
* Amber - An ore that can be found at -30 - -400. Its color is dark orange, it doesn't glow and its common. The Amber is common at -100 - -300 and -301 - -400 requires strip mining and it can be mined slightly slow. The xp is 120. It exists in real life. - Unknown (Not minecraftkijara)
* Fossils - Can be found -100 - -2000. Fossils can be mined very slow. This are dinosaur fossils. It is common at -500 - -1000. It exists in real life. The xp is 100. It is uncommon. -Unknown (Not minecraftkijara)
* Invisium - Can be found anywhere. Its as rare as Gold, and you can mine it as fast as Diamond. It looks like normal Stone, but its actually a random ore of all (Cant be Ambrosia). It gives 1000 XP. Theres a 33% chance that its gonna be a rare ore (like Azure) and 67% that it will be a common ore (like Iron). You cant see what the ore really is, thats why its called Invisium. Also, when this ore is mined, you dont get an Invisium ore, instead you get the ore that it really is. '''-Trikotry'''
- Talc - Colour; Bright Pink. A Common Ore found between -20 and -499. Gives 500 EXP upon Mining it. Can be used for crafting various items.

- NiteKillaNK

- Quartz - Colour; Grey with a bit of purple on the edges. A semi-uncommon ore that is found below -500 and -2000. Gives 2,000 EXP Upon Mining.

- NiteKillaNK

- Citrine - Colour; a darker yellow. Glows. A rare ore found under -1000. Gives 10,000 EXP upon Mining.

- NiteKillaNK

- Aquamarine - Colour; Bright blue with small insertions of dark blue. A Rare ore found under -1000. Gives 15,000 EXP upon being mined. Is slightly more rare than Citrine

- NiteKillaNK

- Garnet - Colour; Bright Red with small bits of Dark Red. A rare Ore found under -1500. Can only be found in Caves. Gives 20,000 EXP Upon being Mined.

- NiteKillaNK

- Jade - Colour; Bright Green and Dark Green. A Very Rare ore. Found between -1800 and -2000. Gives 30,000 EXP Upon being mined. When crafted into a Pickaxe, it can mine glowing ores Twice as fast.

- NiteKillaNK

- Eridite - Spawns only in caves. Found in the Underworld, and quite uncommon. It gives 50000 xp (56000 with Moonstone Pickaxe) when mined. It can be crafted into a pickaxe, and when done so, makes all ores spawn 1.5x as frequently. (Except for Ambrosia.)

(Name from the word Arid, basically meaning scorched.)

- Quartz - Quartz spawns only in Tier II Caves from the start and has a quite high chance to do so. Gives 10000 xp (18000 with Moonstone Pickaxe), and is sometimes used to upgrade the Marketplace at high levels. It is the Tier II Version of Topaz.

I know there's another Quartz on this page, but hey, I've thought of this idea for a while. Has a small chance to turn into a Rainbow Quartz.

- Ultimet - Only spawns in Tier II Caves pseudo-commonly below 1000. Looks like Rainbonite but shades of gold. Can be crafted into an Ultimet Plate. Gives 30000 xp when mines (35000 with Moonstone Pickaxe.)
- Down deep, the heat has changed the Azure Ore. Crimson - Spawns rarely in Tier II Caves below 2000. Looks like a yellow-red Azure. Gives 60000 xp (70000 with Moonstone Pickaxe) and can be used to craft the Crimson Pickaxe. (3x better than Axure Pickaxe.)
- Palladium - Spawns below 1200. Very Rare; however does not take too long to mine. Can be used to craft the Palladium Pickaxe and the Palladium Plate. 12000 xp (17000 with Moonstone Pickaxe).
Valkirite - Spawns at 800 and ends at 1100.It gives 8000 exp if you mine it takes a fairly long time for it to mine(3-6 minutes).It makes a Pickaxe that has ridiculously high power It would be crafted out of 20 moonstone and 5 valkirite
Babite It was reference to Five nights at Freddy's Sister location only spawns at 2016 and can be found at glitch mine Infernaliux It takes a extreme amount of time to break it(the time of serendibite)It gives 80000 exp but if you use moon stone it becomes 104000 exp. it is used in Mining operations.It can also create a torch that gives huge light.
Ambrosia Pickaxe: Veitmyanite - Common elemPent in "The Recruitment Center", Rare in the Overworld. Can be used to make Vaktus' Pickaxe (See recipe at Vaktovium) And the "Astrochemical Portal"
Miner's Spirit - Found under 2000m, holding this ore can make your character more powerful. Holding one can give you an extra mining speed of 2-3 mining speed, a slightly brighter lantern, and a shorter mining delay. The more you have the better. But having more than ten will give you major debuffs.
Vaktovium - Only found in the dimension "The Recruitment Center". Is found at ~500-1000m at the Recruitment Center, takes about 3 minutes to min with mining speed 150. Used to craft "Vaktus' Pickaxe" (10 Vaktovium, 20 Painite, 35 Veitmyanite) -Robbie Expired/PowerCosby
Fruitimium Fruitimiumore is a rare ore found at all heights under 800, but most commonly found at 1500m-1600m. It is shaped like an apple, and it takes a while to mine. - Farinia
Rareite For being so rare, it gives 40,000,000,000 XP. Has a pick and needs only 1, and gives 1 Billion% more xp for ores that give xp. If EVER found, that person gets the Ultimate x 1 billion bragging rights. Spawns anywhere but only every BILLION blocks.
Territe Spawns at the bottom Hell (2,166m when i am writing this) very rarely, can be made a pickaxe out of, which doubles exp from ores. The pick also grants a lantern which gets you higher exp from ores that people in the light mine, and also is so bright it can light up entire CAVES when you pull it out.

also emits an extremely red light like Painite lantern. -Jedicache

Quillarthum This weird ore is found anywhere in the mine, but when being unobserved, it begins to enter a state of superposition, phasing in and out, switching places with all existing ores in a 2 by 2 by 2 area around it at once. Once any of the surrounding ores are observed, they all snap into one of the states, and the Quillarthum ore has switched places with one of them. Once mined, you get 1 unit of Quillarthum ore. Can be used to make a quantum telepad, which allows 2 telepads to be deployed at once. WARNING: Could possibly disappear if left unobserved in storage, and then reappear days later.
God 1/1000000 chance to spawn in the server at all

1/1000000 chance to spawn in that mine reset

1/1000000 chance to spawn

You become rank "42" when mined. This is the only way to get this rank.

Only spawns in small caves 0-100 feet down, and turns everything in that cave light purple and extremely high-rez.

Arkcryden (Original name and concept by Meowlakill) Personally named custom ore meant to level up medium levels. (You can see I think the number 7 and color purple are lovely)



1 Arkcryden & 77,700 XP



  • Level Requirement: 7
  • Sell Rate: 5000 - 7000
  • Buy Rate: Cannot be bought



  • Ingredients: 7 Arkcryden, 700 Coalicon & 70 Itemdragon.
  • Stats: Power = 7, Range = 3.7, Delay = 0.13 or 0.17


Location / Rarity

  • Depth: 100m - 300m and/or 7m and 700m.
  1. Spawns only in caves and specifically at 7m and 700m
  • Rarity: Rare or in between rare and very rare



Ore: Purple color theme... (I don't know about the design)

Pick: Same color theme as ore - silver handle.

Lazerite An ore found between 600m-1000m. if mined, it will mine 300 block and give it to the person who mined it, and will create lazerite bricks around it, when the bricks are mined, the shoot a red-colored Hex Spitter (a lightning bolt) projectile. (time: (ore)1/3 of serendibite,(brick) 5 seconds, gives same amount EXP as 10 ameythests, and is X2 as rare as boomite.(Huntbird))
Cinnabar Found anywhere below 600.

Takes a small amount of time to mine.

Gives the same EXP as Baryte.

Cinnabar can be mined by any pickaxe, but has a chance to poison the player when mined, due to the toxicity of the mineral. Used mostly in R&D upgrades, as the mineral is too soft to do much else with. (by DarkShinyLugia)

(I will apologize for the properties not being in their proper columns, the table barely works.)

Randite (random) Randite is completely random based off of the other ores in the game. Spawn chance is 1 out of the total amount of blocks in the mine...

26 x 26 = 676

676 * 2160 = 1460160, otherwise it spawns absolutely anywhere and has no icon. the concept is basically that a noob would mine coal and without realizeing it get randite instead of that coal meaning that randite appears over the actual ore or just stone. It would give a random amount between 0 and the required amount of XP to level up to the last rank, so if that was deity , that's about 1.1 billion (I think), otherwise it gives between 0 and the amount of the largest XP from an ore, so that would be ambrosia giving 1 million, this ore would give from 0 - 1 million exp. Furthermore, this ore is used craft a random pickaxe with random appearence and random stats, Power: 0.1 - 10, range 1 - 10,

delay (0.01 - 1), if this was meant to craft random pickaxes then it would probably have to be more common, but this ore is basically secrectly meant to pop into ur inventory out of nowhere and be completely random. - Kitrank Vopafal

Doritonite Doritonite can only be found at 420 - 450 and can only be mined by an overlord due to it being so MLG. It takes half the time to mine then serendibite with a dragon glass pick. it would be a 1 in 877,666 to find this. spawns near/next to illumununium if the ore even spawned. can be eaten to gain health witch can be lost in many ways.
Hackite Hackite is a special ore found between 888m and 999m. Between these depths, it is very easy to find, as it is just the tiniest bit more common than coal. When mined, it only has 45% to drop anything. If it does, it drops 1-3 of itself and 1337 EXP. It's pickaxe is the same as a diamond one. Only it looks cooler :D - Dragon_Slayer1500[1]
Tapinum[2] Tapinum is a rare ore (same rarity as pain Megablocker70 (talk) 14:50, September 16, 2017 (UTC)ite) found at 1200m-2000m. It emits a low gray light so it can be observed easier. You can also craft a pickaxe, check it at the comments.
Crystal Bromine (Original Idea For Ore by ROBLOX User "SkyAlt33Vincent") Bromine is an element found at 1500-1900. It has a dark bloody red color to it, and the ore shows the Bromine crystals rather as squares and rhombuses. It emits a disagreeable smell, which makes it easier to detect. You are unable to craft a pickaxes out of this material, for it has a very high tendency to melt on touch, which is why it can't be handed by hand.
Ragebite (Made by Phraktured999) Ragebite is an ore found at 2000m - 4100m. At 4000 there is only 2% Ragebite will spawn. The Ragebite can be turned into a Pickaxe (see Pickaxes area). The ore has a "RAIG" face (like Twitchite) on it while smaller "RAIG" faces are near it. It emits a bright red glow and red sparkles. It indicates it is near when your HUDs start showing RAIG faces for 2 seconds. You need a Boomite Pickaxe to mine thi, or it will explode, make a cave and will make a rage sound (not loud).
Hydromine (Made by Phraktured999) Hydromine is only obtainable by Masters. Spawns at Hell. This can instantly upgrade something in your base. This is very very very very very very very very rare. This is why you can instantly upgrade something. If you have Hydromine, a button in your "upgrade" or "create" area. The button says "Instant" for 1 Hydromine. For the personal mine, you need 3 Hydromine. This can ALSO spawn if you have more than 200 Unobtainium. If you have 50 Superunobtainium, it will also spawn. You cant know if its around, because it is very very rare like oh my god. This can also be used SECRETLY to get a pickaxe for free. Except you need 10 of the main ingredient for the pickaxe so it isnt that OP. It takes 6 minutes to mine this.
Chlorophyte(Made by ClickTheCircles) It can be found from 4000 meters to 5833 meters. It is only obtainable by Overlords. It gives 1000000 XP. This ore is very rare. It is used to make your pickaxe 10 times stronger or make you get 10 times more XP. It can also be used to upgrade your teleporter to get to the alternate dimension or the normal dimension.

Mentionable IRL Ores Edit

This list and table is purely for mentionable real life ores which are unique and haven't been used in any other mining games yet.

Name Description Mining Time Rarity
Brimstone Basically the higher level version of coal required for any new pickaxes (level 14+). Brimstone is the sulfur of hell and is colored a translucent yellow. The ore should have 666 health/resistance Replacement for coal in the underworld
Hackmanite, Hiddenite These ores basically have interesting names thus could be incredibly rare (impossible) and/or catch exploiters.
Onyx / Sardonyx Onyx is that black ore which may have tiny white stripes on it, Sardonyx is a variation of onyx that looks like the planet mars (to me).
Ametrine Visually similar to Ambrosia, basically a clear orange - purple gradient.
Sunstone Light orange and red, looks like sand or like it would be a ore on the planet Mars (to me). Good and probably already suggested (here) ore for the Underworld.
Fluorite Mostly cloudy black with purple - looks like plasma or dark matter.
Carneole Looks like flesh, perfect for the Underworld.
Sphalerite Looks like fire, perfect for the underworld.
Astatine Extremely rare and can only be in storage for 8 hours. Used to upgrade teleporter to a different mine with "special ores". Extremely rare

This is just some ore categories for misc ore for you to browse cool sounding names and/or interesting colors.


  • Scolecite
  • Calcite


  • Smaragd (green - cyan) (Translated from norwegian to english, this seems to be emerald)


  • Vanadinite
  • Crocoite
  • marium


  • Cuprite
  • peachstone


  • Citrine
  • Carnelian
  • Wulfuenite
  • yellowstone
  • pikastone


  • Peridot
  • Uvarovite
  • Olivine (greenish yellow, olive color)
  • luigilum


  • Zircon
  • Aigue


  • Manganite

Random/Unknown Color

  • Tourmaline (Could be Pink)
  • Rutile/Anatase/Octahedrite
  • Labradorite
  • Colusite
  • Chalcedoon (Similar to moonstone)
  • lennyte
  • ludwigum
  • wendystone
  • iggysite
  • mortonium
  • roystone
  • bowserjrstone
  • bowserstone

Pickaxes Edit

Name Crafting Recipe Power Range Delay Trivia
Ambrosia Pickaxe 25 Ambrosia, 5 Serendibite, 50 Boomite 9.5 7.4 0.03 sec The Ambrosia Pickaxe is the second strongest pickaxe. It can double the XP for the ore mined, Brightens 15 blocks radius.
Kappa Pickaxe 25 Kappa, 50 Illuminunium, 10 Dragonglass 9.4 6.9 0.21 sec The Kappa Pickaxe has a chance to give Kappa while mining. 0.42% to get Kappa. It gets brighter when a good ore is near.
Illuminunium Pickaxe 45 Illuminunium, 85 Serendibite, 980 Coal 8.999 4 0.009 Emits Green sparkles and has a 0.1% boost of mining speed (+3 mining speed).
Xeronium Pickaxe 25 Xeronium, 1 Ambrosia, 10 Bismuth 25 25 25 Strongest picaxe in the game. The head of the picaxe would be azure picaxe grayscaled and then turned purple. It would have a simmiler effect to that of Minecraft's enchanted effect but purple. The Stick-Handle thing would be that of moonstone's. It would emit purple particles simmiler to that of Minecraft's nether portal or enderman.
Hackite Pickaxe 30 Hackite, 10 Iron and 6 Illuminunium Same as Diamond Same as Diamond Same as Diamond This pickaxe is the same is the Diamond pickaxe, but it has a red look that glows as much as Boomite does.
Symmetrium Pickaxe 15 Symmetrium, 10 Sapphire, 10 Boomite 6.7 4.5 0.11 Completely Fireproof until it either gets wet or enters a cold area, in which case it will lose its fireproof aspect for 10 Seconds, then becomes fireproof again. While it is fireproof, it has light blue particles surrounding it.
Twitchite Pickaxe 50 Twitchite, 5 Serendibite, 1 Garnet 4, but 7 during streams. 8 0.2 on other ores, 0.01 on Twitchite During streams, this pickaxe will give 5 times the xp, and have 7 power instead of 4. It will stain nearby blocks purple (Like the garnet pickaxe).

Levels Edit

Rank Level Name Rank's color Mining Boost XP Required
In between overlord and deity Avatar Gold 180% 500,000
After Deity Godlike Diamond Color with Some Shiny Particles 200% 10,000,000
After GodLike Mythic Beast Black 300% 100,000,000
Last Rank Azure Miner The color spectrum of azure 190% 1.5 Trillion
After Super Deity King Yellow 420% 1 Trillion
After Super Deity Ultimate Rainbow color, moves from left to right 1337% 50 Billion
Inbetween Master and Wizard True Master Pale Green with Green Sparkles 130% 3 Billion
After Ultimate Super Ultimate Rainbow color with shiny particules and Diamond shade, moves from left to right 10000% 2 Trillion

Pictures of ideas (not required) Edit

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