Illuminunium is based off of the Illuminati conspiracy theory and meme. It is only found at 666m, representing the antichrist and the Illuminati's affiliation with Satanism. The ore's current only uses are upgrading the Data & Analysis station (1 is needed) and the emblem.

The Illuminati

The Illuminati was originally a secret society from 1776 - 1777. Since it was confirmed real, the Illuminati is one of the biggest secrets in the world still waiting to be solved.


  • The ore is very rare to find, and almost everything, including the date, has a 6 in it.
    • Probably a 6% chance to spawn.
  • Berezaa originally did not want to add the ore because of kids playing, but he added it anyways.
  • Most people trade it for Ambrosia, even though its a horrible scam for noobs who have ambrosia.