Overview Edit


Iron is a common ore found in Azure Mines. Players do not need to dig far down to find this ore. Though the stats say it is found at 20m and below, it actually starts spawning at 5m.


It is seen until the purple stone depth, which is 1000m. Iron gives 8 EXP (10 EXP with a Moonstone pickaxe) when mined. Iron can also spawn in a player's base or inside the mountain.

Iron is very important to upgrading parts of your base, such as Mining Operations.

Iron Pickaxe Edit

The Iron Pickaxe is the second pickaxe in the game after the Stone Pickaxe. The pickaxe requires 6 Iron and 3 Coal to be crafted and has slightly better stats than the Stone Pickaxe. It is craftable immediately upon restoring Mining Operations from ruins to level one.

Trivia Edit

  • Iron is element 26 and the symbol is Fe, this is because of the Latin word ferrum, which means Iron. It is a transition metal.
  • The color red is actually from Iron.
  • ⅓ of the real world is made out of Iron.