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The January Update was released on January 18th, 2017. It was a well anticipated update announced back in October 2016 where berezaa promised a variety of new features, ores, and most likely a new layer in the mines. In mid January users were disappointed to see there wasn't as much as promised, including no new base level upgrades. Changes in this update include:

  • Emblems is a new tab in the marketplace. Once you have mined 100 of any ore proving mastery of that respectable ore, you can purchase its emblem. Emblems showcase an ore's icon between your level and username. Emblems are purely aesthetic and have no function.
  • New animations for navigation to the build or pickaxe GUI
  • Berezaa promised many new ores for the update. Six were released in this update including Platinum, Garnet, Memerock, Pile of Gold, Dragonstone and Mithril.
    • Dragonglass was made even more common, now spawns in upper layers.
    • Dragonstone appears to mine, but won't show up in your inventory.
  • Berezaa also surprised users with Azure Mines being a game for the ROBLOX Medieval Battle 2017 event which required the following task in order to receive Armour of the Grim: Mine 25 gold and craft the Guilded Gold Pickaxe
  • Helen's Quest is also introduced.
  • The Staff Room is accessible on the west-most cave of the teleporter.
  • Meme World was added.
  • The ability to shout; broadcast a message up to about 2-3 sentences/lines across all servers. The cost to shout is 90 crystals.

Azure Mines Updates Edit

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