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The Explosive Update

The Explosive Update was released on Sep 9, 2016. This update included Boomite, an ore the exploded unless mined with the Dragonglass Pickaxe and three new pickaxe for ores including Boomite, Dragonglass, and Painite. The price for low leveled base stations have been nerfed to make it easier for players in Azure Mines to being their journey, and ore rarities have been adjusted. Berezaa fianlly added the feature where crafted AND unequipped pickaxes get saved to be used later rather than having them deleted. A bug in the Forge with the Xbox has also been patched.

7/24/2016 update

  • added pickaxe movement while you mine and improvements to lag.

7/14/2016 Update

Released two days after the Public Beta Update, this update includes Baryte, Serendibite, Kappa, and Amethyst along with the Amethyst pickaxe. The Trade Center was added in this update along with Marketplace station level 7, and several bug/exploit fixes.

Public Beta Update

The Public Beta update was released on July 12th 2016 and it mainly was to open Azure Mines to players other than the ones in Berezaa's Twitch Group (to transition into the public beta stage). The Public Beta Stage ended near the end July. Other changes in this update include:

  • Robust Building System
  • Tycoon Updates
  • Better Cave generation
  • More ores
  • The new Moonstone Pickaxe

 Two Ores Update

This update was released on June 20, 2016 and saw the release of two new ores: Plutonium and Dragonglass.Their location was not revealed, which encouraged miners to explore for them.== Azure Mines Updates ==

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2016 The Explosive Update - The Mountain Update - 7/14/2016 Update - Public Beta Update - Three Ores Update