Overview Edit

Mithril is a rare ore added in the January Update, on Jan 17th, 2017. It's found between the depths of 1700m and 2000m. The best place to look for it is between 1700m to 1850m. It has the appearance of several supposed crescents with a light blue hue. It has a fairly long mining duration, similar to Azure.

To mine this ore, you must be at the Wizard Rank or above. Alternatively, by using the Platinum Pickaxe, you can mine this, and any other ore that originally had a rank requirement.

Mithril Pickaxe Edit

In order to craft the Mithril Pickaxe, you need Mining Operations Level 13. Then, you must acquire thirty Mithril and fifty Serendibite to craft it. The Mithril Pickaxe has the second highest power of any pickaxe making it incredibly useful for digging ores like Serendibite. It has an excellent range of 7 but a slow delay of 0.27 seconds. The Mithril Pickaxe overall is a powerhouse despite the lack of a unique attribute with the only real disadvantage of it being the slightly sluggish delay.

Trivia Edit

  • The icon for Mithril has been leaked and used as a BerezaaGames Discord emoji.
  • Mithril was released in the Jan 17th 2017 update.

Tips Edit

  • Strip-Mining at 1850m would be the best place to farm Mithril as it is quite common there. It is also a very good place to farm for Baryte, Azure and Copper too.
  • You generally find at least one Mithril per cave if you dig in the range, so it is good to search in caves in order to get more of the ore faster.
  • Before the update when the Serendibite Pickaxe was added, you would've had to have your Mining Operation to be atleast level 14 in order to unlock this pickaxe.