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Moonstone is one of only 3 ores that can not be effectively farmed under normal conditions (the other two being Pumpkinite and Twitchite). Moonstone occasionally spawns on the first layer of the public and private mine, inside your base, and inside the mountain.

Moonstone Pickaxe

The Moonstone pickaxe has a power of 3.5, a range of 9 and a delay of 0.07. This pickaxe has the second highest range and the lowest delay. In addition, this pickaxe gives you 30% more experience when mining ore. For example, you get 4 points of experience when mining coal rather than getting 3 exp. These attributes makes this pickaxe a valuable tool for tunneling or experience grinding, as it has a very small delay and a decent speed, with the + 30% experience attribute. Due to having low power (3.5), certain ores will take longer to mine, such as Azure or Mithril. The cost to create this pickaxe can be a bit costly, requires 15 Moonstone and 80 Coal to craft.

Tips for Mining Moonstone

  • Zoom out your camera into third person as soon as you can to find it quicker if it spawns.
  • There will be a lot of players that desire collecting the moonstone ore, it's best to be in first person (to make sure your have a stable camera view of the ore to mine it without players getting in the way) and standing on top of the moonstone ore (so players can't mine below you to interrupt the mining process)
  • If worst comes to worst, and you're stuck in a crowd full of moonstone-thirsty players, keep tapping your directional keys in the opposite direction of any edge you're about to fall off, but don't overdo it.
  • It's still not advised to steal ores from other players, these are only in case somebody tries to steal it from you. The best thing you can do when somebody gets it before you is to congratulate them and move on. Your time can be better spent being the first to mine a hole down to Uranium & Azure and securing that.
  • Moonstone can spawn in Personal Mines and in your base! Be sure to check all of those places after the mine resets, just in case of one! You can also mine all mine types on the mountain and hope for moonstone to spawn. The mountain regenerates its ore around every five minutes.
  • It's a good idea to buy a *VIP* server or a Personal Tunnel. So no one can take the moonstone from you. It costs R$ 100 to buy a VIP Server, and if you rely on the Personal Tunnel, there will only be few blocks at the surface, so it's a slim chance. It can also be found in the Illuminati cave but the chances of that happening are very small.
  • The best method in finding moonstone is moonstone farming at the cave with illuminati cave. Remove all ores inside the cave including 2 ores outside of the cave. It will regenerate overtime. There's a 10% - 20% it will spawn in the cave, but it's still rare. If there's no moonstone, try again. This is the best method without wasting Robux.
  • If your Marketplace is level 6, there's a chance that when the trades refresh, you will be able to trade Coins for Moonstone. A good idea for accumulating Moonstone this way is every time your Marketplace restocks, teleport back to your base and look at the trades to see if Moonstone is there. Also, check the ores on the floor of your base. It might be there!
  • If you're trying to find moonstone after the mine resets, have a Dragonglass pickaxe equipped because it can spawn anywhere and you might need range to get it if its far away


  • Moonstone has an extremely slim chance of spawning at the entrance of the Personal Tunnel, and also can surprisingly spawn on the floor of your base occasionally.
  • In real life, Moonstone is a gemstone that has been commonly used in jewelry for centuries. It can be numerous colors, including blue, grey, white, pink, peach, green and brown.
  • Moonstone was a Hidden Ore added in the Three Secret Ores update, along with Dragonglass and Plutonium.
  • Moonstone was originally a model titled 'Platinum' submitted by heisergroup. This means that Moonstone's texture was originally meant to be a texture for Platinum instead.
  • The Moonstone pickaxe gives you 30% more experience than the original ores experience value.
  • Moonstone is in fact a real ore consisting of Alkali Feldspar.
  • An easy way to farm Moonstone is to go in a Private Server, mine the Moonstone, leave and join again. Sometimes, moonstone will spawn there. If you repeat this process, you are likely to accumulate lots of moonstone.
  • There is a rare chance that Moonstone can spawn on a patch of stone found close to the top-left corner of the map, however it will be protected and therefore un-mineable.
  • Opal spawns within the first 5 layers - Moonstone only spawns on the first layer so you'd think that Moonstone has 5* the rarity of Opal. But you can go back up to 2m depth when you go past the outside of the map, so it's a way slimmer chance than Opal.
  • On average, there's 1 Moonstone every new mine. 24 Moonstone for 25 server resets. It's safe to presume the average actually is 1 every reset and my luck was just worse than average. - Meowlakill
  • It is actually very possible to find two moonstones on the mine, and there is at least one instance where six have spawned at once. However, this is very uncommon.
  • Moonstone, Illuminunium, and Kappa are the only ores that spawn at a single depth.
  • Moonstone can also be found from a glitch that is extremely rare and nearly impossible underground.