Newtonium is an ore which is found extremely deep in the mines (3000m-5000m) and awards a whopping 200,000 XP when mined. This ore can be found most easily between 3000 and 4000m, though after 4000m the ore starts to get rare until 5000m. If you have Data & Analysis level 10 or above (and if you can get down to 3000m) then you could farm this instead of Painite. Because it is more common and gives more XP than painite (5x more in fact).

Most of the time the mine resets before you can get down to this ore, so it is recommended to buy a VIP server if possible. However if you got a good pickaxe you might as well be able to get this ore.

Interestingly this ore doesn't have a rank requirement. There could be a possibility that berezaa forgot to include a rank requirement, but unlike Painite this ore takes a lot longer to mine, making most people that even manage to fall into the holes of those who made it down to where this ore lies, still wouldn't be able to get it.

Newtonium Pickaxe

The Newtonium Pickaxe is the strongest pickaxe in the whole game in terms of raw power. It has a power of 12 (the best), range of 7 (pretty good), and a delay of 0.2 (good). Also, the pickaxe is craftable on Mining Operations level 15, though it is still pretty costly, requiring 200 Diamond, 50 Painite and 15 Newtonium. It also kills any Zombies and Zwambies when they make contact with the pickaxe. This feature is very useful because at where you can find this ore there are zombies inside some blocks.


  • Newtonium can also be found in Miner's Haven, another one of berezaa's games.
  • Newtonium has the second highest XP of any ore, the first being Ambrosia.
  • This ore can be found at 5000m, but very rarely.
  • Newtonium gives 260K XP with the Moonstone Pickaxe, but since it takes a long time to mine, most people still use the best pickaxe they have.
  • Newtonium gives 5 times the XP of Painite, so mine it if you can. Also ambrosia gives 5 times the XP of Newtonium, but since Ambrosia is super rare, you can mine 5 of this ore and you got the same XP as if you collected Ambrosia.
  • Newtonium's Max height and Painite's Min height are both 3000m, meaning it is possible to find both of them together.
  • Newtonium ore was most likely made off of the wiki suggestion saying to add newtonium ore and make it give 100k xp and take twice as long as serendibite, and make it more common far down.
  • Mining newtonium takes 1/4th the time it takes to mine serendibite.