Overview Edit

Opal is a rare ore that only spawns at 1m-3m, and from slain zombies (5/5/2018 update). The most effective way to locate this rare ore is by starting at 3m depth. Then you mine the entire layer(s) leaving rows or strips. It is also found in the glitched mine if one knows how to get there. Another way is to explore caves with zombies inside them, since slain zombies have a chance to drop opal.

Opal is the primary ingredient for the Opal Pickaxe made with 15 opal and 60 coal. There is also the placeable Teleport Pad which is made with only a single opal (and 5 iron). Opal is also used in upgrading base stations (29 is needed in total).Opal can also be valuable in trading.

Opal Pickaxe Edit

The Opal Pickaxe has the 9th highest range, with the Moonstone pickaxe being 2nd, while the Dragonglass Pickaxe is first, and it has the 4th lowest delay, with the Azure pickaxe being 3rd, Garnet being 2nd, and the Moonstone Pickaxe being 1st. It has very little power. The pickaxe can take quite some time to achieve as it requires 60 Coal and 15 Opal. It's very useful for mining through stone quick, but is slowed down by ores. Because of this, many players consider it not worth going through the trouble to get. It is also outshadowed by Moonstone, which can easily acquired with a private server, or through a level (Unknown) Marketplace.

Trivia Edit

  • The opal pickaxe is probably the most glorious pickaxe in the game. Some accept the difficulty of obtaining the 15 opal, regardless of the indifferent stats.
  • Opal is not considered a proper mineral. It is considered a rock due to it's noncrystalline arrangement of atoms making it's atomic structure rock-like.
  • Opal doesn't have a specific color as it has all sorts of color like a rainbow making it easily identifiable without using any other tests.
  • Opal is the typical ore seeked in the glitched mine, others use it for Amethyst as well.
  • Another ore that is similar to the depth that Opal is found would be Moonstone, another exceedingly rare ore.