Overview Edit

Platinum was an ore added in the 01/17/2017 update. It has a dark grey/black appearance and has a very dim white glow, making it difficult to spot. It spawns between 400m and 1000m of depth with an uncommon chance of spawn. Platinum can also drop from slain Zombies.

Platinum Pickaxe Edit

The Platinum Pickaxe can be unlocked when reaching Mining Operations Level 9. The Platinum Pickaxe has a power of 3, a range of 7.5, and a delay of 0.15. Despite this Pickaxe having a relatively low Pickaxe power it is able to bypass ore level requirements. This Pickaxe will really only be used for it's special property of bypassing ore level requirements, and by the time the player receives it, Mithril should be the only locked ore. Other than that the amount of players using this pickaxe will be scarce due to the such high level it is unlocked for only a minor use, by the time a player unlocks this they will most likely have a pickaxe overpowering this one by far, such as Moonstone.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the 3 ores added with the 1/18/2017 update; the others being Mithril and Garnet. Garnet was given the special role of being the only obtainable ore outside of the game itself.
  • Moonstone was originally Platinum, but it was renamed and received a new icon and block/ore image.