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Roblox Azure Mines Mining Serendibite

Roblox Azure Mines Mining Serendibite


Serendibite only appears at the depths between 996m and 999m inclusive, which is right before blue stone. However, within the very tight space it sits in, it is one of the most commonly generated ores. Sometimes you can get serendibite as commonly as five in a straight line.

It is valuable in trading so you should buy more from the Marketplace whenever you get the rare chance, otherwise it can be sold for around 2,000-2,500 gold each.

To reduce the time it takes to mine it, try using an Amethyst or Mithril pickaxe since it can mine serendibite faster than most picks. Newtonium pickaxe, though very hard to obtain, has the top power, so use that if you have it.

Another way to reduce the time is to farm Serendibite from the Zwambies, which sometimes (uncommonly) drops 1-4 of the ore, and takes considerably less time to mine than the ore itself.

Serendibite Pickaxe Edit

Released at 5/24/18, The Serendibite Pickaxe has a power of 4 (good), a range of 8 (very good) and a delay of 0.2 (good).

The pickaxe has a special power where it can mine 3 blocks at a time. This means you can tunnel down quicker even with high internet latency (ping).

However, note that the block mined behind the actual block you intended to mine will be voided and you will not get it and the exp of it.

This can also be used to delete protected stone or any building materials, even if they were placed by another player.

To craft the Serendibite Pickaxe you need 35 Sulfur, 25 Serendibite and 5 Boomite.

Trivia Edit

  • Serendibite was named after the old name for Sri Lanka: Serendib.
  • It is also known for being the longest ore to mine in the entire game, Garnet formerly being the longest due to people crowding and blocking the cursor but has now been made easier, potentially due to the crowded Staff Room servers.
  • When you mine Boomite indirectly (Mined by mining a block in front of it) with the Serendibite Pickaxe, it will be mined without it exploding. You still don't get the item form of it; however, unlike how you do with the Dragonglass Pickaxe.
  • For unknown reasons, the Serendibite Pickaxe texture file was uploaded by berezaa, instead of berezaa's Twitch group.
  • This pickaxe is able to mine Protected Stone, by mining an ore in front of it. The Serendibite Pickaxe does not check what ore is behind the main ore you are mining, which causes this to occur.
  • Back when the pickaxe got releaased the delay was lower at 0.2, however it could only mine 2 blocks at a time. But as of the update that added Newtonium, the pickaxe has a higher delay of 0.24 but it can mine 3 blocks a time, so most people consider it a buff.
  • The prices of Serendibite in the Marketplace are considerably low, so getting 17 Serendibite for around 30k can be seen as a steal.