The Mountain Update is the 7/18/16 update that improved the map.

It added: ores to a player's base, a mountain, The $wag-Shop located on the mountain, player lighting in the mine, Painite, and changes to upgrades.

Surface oresEdit

These spawn in the player's base and on the mountain.


The $wag-Shop is located on the 2nd highest location on the mountain, found at spawn, and has 3 items that do not stay in the players inventory after resetting, the items can also be dropped.

1st Item : A potion that makes you go backwards 4 blocks and makes you float, while floating backwards there's a song playing and at the end a scream. Costs 10 Unobtainium.

2nd Item : An Invisibility Cloak: Makes the player invisible for about 5 seconds. Costs 25 Unobtainium.

3rd Item : A grappling hook that moves you to the block you shoot. (Although it's glitchy and goes upwards a lot every time you shoot it.). Costs 40 Unobtainium.

4th Item : A Dr. Berza that may have a similar effect to the one found in Miner's Haven. The item is found just above the lowest mountain location, which is a split Dr. Berza can. Costs 30 Unobtainium. Don't buy this.

Player LightEdit

Berezza noticed that its too dark while really deep so he added a light from inside the player. The Painite Pick also provides the Hell's Lantern which gives off 4* the light of the regular lantern.


Painite is a real life, blood-red ore that spawns in the Underworld (2000m+). It gives the most XP for its mining time and rarity.

Upgrades to Research & Development,  Data & Analysis and Mining Operations  have been changed,

R&D upgrades are cheaper and D&A are a little more expensive. (That's what I've seen)

  • Billy's Swag Shop and his house
  • Billy and three of the new trades: the potion, invisibility cloak, and grappling gun.
  • The new Dr.Berezza's Soda trade
  • Some surface ores
  • A surface moonstone ore

Minor Changes Edit

  • Interacting with items in your mine (Not Upgrading) will freeze you in place until you close the screen
  • The Location of the pickaxe forge GUI has been moved
  • Iron pickaxes cost less to make (6 iron 5 coal)
  • A man on the mountain is questioning a meme
  • A crane has been added that is shown holding Illuminunium
  • Man is out at the war games, use the manual anvil
  • Masked man is back...

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