This page is designed to provide useful advice and general information.

Auto Mining

Auto Mining can be done by holding your mouse then either pressing the 'ESC' key to open the ROBLOX menu or pressing '/' to open the chat.

The primary use of Auto Mining is to dig down while being able to minimize the ROBLOX window, then you can do something else while you're automatically mining to your desired depth.

Strip Mining

Strip Mining is the most efficient method for finding rare ore, such as Illuminunium and Opal, it involves mining horizontally on a single layer only, it allows for the max amounts of ore to spawn in a radius.

VIP/Private Server

You can rent your own private server from ROBLOX for 100 R$ per month (Robux). You get the server all to yourself or with anyone you invite. Then you can easily farm Opal and Moonstone and the Marketplace by rejoining your private server.

  • Moonstone - Will only spawn on the surface (1m). Spawn rate is 1/676 so you'll get an average of 1. May also appear at your base, in the floor.
  • Opal - Will only spawn from 1m (surface) to 5m. Spawn rate is 5* Moonstone (5/676) so you'll get an average of 5.
  • Ambrosia - Can spawn anywhere but one of the most efficient farming methods is private server rejoins with about 1/1480 new surfaces having an ambrosia.

Misc Ore

  • Illuminunium - Will only spawn at 666m. Use previously mentioned Strip Mining.
  • Kappa/Kappite - Will only spawn at 1337, 420, 0. View the page for Kappa to find out how to locate it without the Navigation Kit gamepass by clicking here.
  • Garnet - Found only in the Staff Room. Hard to obtain except during midnight (for US) or when there's only 150 people playing the game.


  • Risk Analysis Kit for 40 R$ - More accurate description of mine condition, in percent instead of stage. The mine will reset once 100,000 ore is mined, not based on time.
  • Navigation Kit for 25 R$ - Cheapest gamepass. Useful for reaching Kappa or known caves.
  • RAY GUN for 200 R$ - gives you a ray gun gear that kills zombies and softens ore (makes ore 2x easier to mine, turns stone yellow).

Personal Tunnel

The Personal Tunnel is purchased with 300 uC (Unobtainium Crystal, from Unobtainium or purchased with R$).

While it can come in handy, some players do not recommend buying it, even if you achieved the uC from ingame. At least don't get it with uC purchased with Robux since 300 uC is equivalent to about 120 Robux, 20 more than renting a private server.

It is nowhere near as big as the public mine, only 3x3 compared to 26x26. The price is expensive for the size, you also might want to save your uC just in case Berezza updates the game to include something worthy of purchasing uC with R$.