Twitchite is a special ore that only spawns when the creator of the game, Berezaa, is livestreaming on twitch. It spawns everywhere but its rarity is varied on how many people are watching the livestream.


  • Twitchite is the only ore to spawn at a specific time (during livestreams on twitch).
  • Similar to Painite, Ambrosia and other ores, Twitchite appeared in one of Berezaa's other games, Miner's Haven.
  • The eyes don't match up on the icon, the left eye is 3 pixels wide while the right is 2 pixels wide.
  • This ore has a glitch to extremely rarely spawn on mine reset for some reason, even if Berezaa is not streaming.
  • It's the only ore that rewards a dynamic amount of experience.
  • No need to dig deep, it can be anywhere while a stream is on.
  • The ore gives the exact amount of XP as the current amount of viewers. (if there are 500 viewers, the ore drops 500 xp, etc.)
  • When Twitchite begins spawning, a Viewer count board appears, as well as a giant floating twitch logo up in the sky just beyond where the trade center used to be
    RobloxScreenShot20190206 181823160

    Viewer Count Board and Twitch Logo