Overview Edit

Uranium ore is an uncommon ore found in Azure Mines. Players need to dig a fair way down to find this ore, which is between a depth of 800m  -  1,400m, though it becomes less common the deeper you mine The reported common depth for Uranium is 800m-900m. This ore gives the player 2000 XP when mined. Uranium can be used to make the Uranium Pickaxe, upgrading Research and Development and Storage Management, and making a glorified torch (Uranium Stick).

Uranium PickaxeEdit

The Uranium Pickaxe is the tenth pickaxe to be added to Azure Mines. It is faster and has less delay than the Diamond Pickaxe, though it has shorter range compared to it. This pickaxe may be harder for lower ranks to craft, as it requires a moderately hefty 15 Uranium and 75 Coal.

Trivia Edit

  • Uranium does not glow, but it does glow under a UV light. It is not green either. In fact, it is a silver/gray metal found naturally in the Earth's core.
  • Uranium is part of the "Actinide" series in the periodic table (elements 89 through 103), being the fourth in the row, with the Atomic Number 92, between Protactinium and Neptunium.